As soon as Xu Yu's words came out, Master Taichen immediately gave him a lecture. Seeing this, Xiao Jinle quickly helped him out of the siege, and Xiao Jinyun shook his teacup in dissatisfaction. At the end of the day, Xu Yu was already tired and couldn't approve any articles, so he insisted on fighting again tomorrow. Seeing this, Xiao Jinyun came to help with the review. Xiao Jinyun was very dissatisfied because Xu Yu and Xiao Jinle had a great chat in the hall, so he became jealous on his own. Xu Yu was very excited when he found out that he was jealous. Sentence.

Xiao Jinyun angrily came to talk to Xiao Jinming and Xu Youran, Xu Youran was always able to help him untie his knots, he wanted Xu Youran to help him look at the horoscopes of Xiao Jinle and Xu Yu. Xiao Jinming defended Xu Yu's injustice, Xu Youran teased that Xu Yu had good luck tonight, and soon someone came to report that if she didn't go back, Xiao Jinyun would be snatched away by Pei Xinzhu. Xiao Jinyun hurried back and saw Xiao Jinyun was very happy with Pei Xinzhu's company, and the two quarreled again in front of Pei Xinzhu. Xiao Jinyun explained that he was not angry, but only worried that Xiao Jinle had ulterior motives, but Xu Yu still believed that Xiao Jinyun's jealousy was groundless, and all he cared about was his own skin. I always thought that they could really have no doubts, but later I realized that I was too naive. Xu Yu left with red eyes in disappointment, and Xiao Jinyun stayed where he was at a loss.

Xiao Jinyun was depressed recently, and asked Baodao if Xiao Jinle often came to the mansion before they entered the mansion. Xiao Jinle came and talked about many memories of their childhood, and even wanted to take Xu Yu out of here. Xiao Jinyun was dissatisfied with grammar in his heart, and warned Xiao Jinle that she was his wife and Xiao Jinle was a courtier, and such words must never be mentioned again in the future.

At the Qionglin Banquet, Xiao Jinyun and Xu Yu had serious faces. Xiao Jinle suggested that Xu Yu should have a poem. After the Qionglin banquet, Xu Yu and Xiao Jinyun lost their temper. She and Xiao Jinle were not what he thought at all! But Xiao Jinyun remembered that Xu Yu and Xiao Jinle spoke ill of him three years ago, and Xu Yu quickly explained that they were not talking about him. Xiao Jinyun quickly admitted his mistake, but Xu Yu felt that he didn't trust her, otherwise he wouldn't have left her in the cold for three years.

Although there was a quarrel, Xu Yu still didn't forget to ask someone to deliver pastries and tea to Xiao Jinyun, and specifically asked Xiao Jinyun not to know that they were delivered by him. Wudu and Baojian felt that Xiao Jinyun and Xu Yu were acting weird recently, they looked more and more like each other, but they didn't suspect anything. Xu Yu felt a little uncomfortable today, and Wu Du panicked and asked Doctor Xuan, but Xu Yu didn't care at all. After thinking about it, Wu Du felt that the city lord was really abnormal during this time, so he pulled Hao Yun to ask Xiao Jinyun what was different.

It turned out that Xiao Jinyun never ate peach cakes because he was tricked, but he devoured them just now when he saw peach cakes. Wudu and Hao Yunlai decided to test it out. Tao Shuren came to give Xiao Jinyun a pastry made by himself, and Wudu came to report that Xu Yu wanted to see her. Tao Shuren went back first, and Wudu stopped Baojian from going together, saying that it was the city lord's order. Wudu took Xiao Jinyun to a palace in private and tied her up. He thought it was his wife who killed the city lord, so he found someone like him to pretend.


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