When Xiao Jinyun woke up, he found that he had turned into Xu Yu, and Xu Yu dragged his body and chased after him with a mask on his face. Only then did Xiao Jinyun come to the mirror to examine this outrageous experience carefully. Their consciousnesses switched, Xiao Jinyun hammered his chest nervously, Xu Yu punched his eyes wide. Xu Yu punished Pei Xinzhu to pray for blessings, but when Xiao Jinyun saw this, he felt that she was cute, and she was still here so late to pray for him. But in fact, Pei Xinzhu just came to deal with errands, and he was very angry when he heard that Xiao Jinyun didn't let him go back. Only then did Xiao Jinyun and Xu Yu come out from behind the stone to let her go back, but Xiao Jinyun also found that Pei Xinzhu treated her face to face and back.

Xu Yu and Xiao Jinyun wanted to reproduce the original scene in an attempt to regain consciousness, but they didn't expect that they both fell into the water again and woke up still unchanged. The two didn't give up, maybe they had to fall together to regain their sanity. But in the end, only Xu Yu foolishly bumped into the pillar, making Xiao Jinyun see a joke. Recalling the details at the time, Xu Yu seemed to have kissed Xiao Jinyun when he fell into the water, and the two immediately kissed and tried to change their bodies, but it still didn't work. Xiao Jinyun felt that the nonsense should not continue, it is better to ask someone for help. This person is Xu Youran, the grand master of Zhaixing Pavilion. When he saw Xiao Jinyun looking at Zhaixing Pavilion with a strange face, he was surprised until he learned the whole story. Xu Youran immediately started to deduce, but this matter is a bit complicated and it will take some time. Before that, they must play each other's roles well.

In order for Xu Yu to pretend to be herself, Xiao Jinyun had to train her majesty as the city lord. Xu Yu acted out the change of Xiao Jinyun's attitude towards herself from the time she first entered the palace to half a year after entering the palace. Get three points. Xu Yu asked Xiao Jinyun to learn from himself. Seeing his performance, Xu Yu realized that he had never really paid attention to himself. In order not to let Xiao Jinyun reveal his secrets, Xu Yu asked him to remember three points. First, he must walk around with the mentality that he might meet Xiao Jinyun every day. Heart throbbing. Xiao Jinyun didn't expect Xu Yu to think so, and told him many things. When he was in court, the minister asked Xiao Jinyun to deal with Xu Yu, but Xu Yu said that it was a quarrel between husband and wife and it was not a punishment, and he wanted to cancel this draft. Xu Yu's head got bigger when he heard the minister's teaching, and after finally finishing speaking, Xu Yu fell asleep on the dragon chair. Xiao Jinyun behind him kept staring at Xu Yu, Xu Yu wanted to slip away but he also drove him back.

Xiao Jinyun accompanied Xu Yu to approve official documents, but Xu Yu turned his head and fell asleep. Everyone realized that the wife of the city lord has become calmer and calmer, and the city lord has become more lively and cheerful. When Xu Yu woke up and forgot to greet the mistress, Xiao Jinyun felt that it was okay not to go for a day, but his current body was Xu Yu, so of course it was different from the previous treatment. Xu Yu was afraid that the mistress would embarrass Xiao Jinyun, so he went with him. The mistress spoke to her kindly one second, and scolded Xiao Jinyun the next second. Xu Yu slandered in her heart that she was really partial to her son. Xu Yu followed Xiao Jinyun to Fengyi Palace, Xiao Jinyun couldn't refuse because of his body.


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