Xu Yu and Xiao Jinyun swore that they would never trust each other, but Xiao Jinming suddenly appeared to destroy the style. The three of them went to the Zhaixing Pavilion together. Xu Youran confirmed after seeing it that what Xu Yu brought back from the northern border was black crystal, but it would take some time to change his body back. Xu Youran and Xiao Jinming told Xu Yu that they had caught a secret job in the capital, just under the Star Picking Pavilion. Xiao Jinyun decided to stand still, and Xu Yu decided to return him a stable court.

Xu Yu named Xu's family a duke, which aroused the dissatisfaction of many senior officials in the court, and Hengshan Gong even stood up and said that he was guilty. Xiao Jinyun had already told Xu Yu a lot, but at this time Xu Yu had forgotten it. Today, the mouths of the ministers in the court made Xu Yu very angry, but Xiao Jinyun was very calm. Even so, Xu Yu could calm them down.

Xu's father came to see Xu Yu and reprimanded her for arbitrarily claiming to be a Marquis. Xu Yu quickly explained that this was Xiao Jinyun's idea. Xiao Jinyun quickly showed up to help Xu Yu out of the siege. Since Xu's father already knew about their body swap, the two of them didn't hide it anymore. Xiao Jinyun said that with this title, Brother Xu and Second Brother Xu could get married and have children as soon as possible. After Xu's father left, Xu Yu and Xiao Jinyun started bickering again. Wudu was very happy to see the harmony between the two, so Xu Yu and Xiao Jinyun planned to take a stroll in the back garden. When they arrived in the back garden, Xiao Jinyun screened back and left no one to serve him. Pei Xinzhu was very upset when Wu Du said that the city lord and his wife were harmonious and sweet. He wanted to go for a stroll in the back garden but was stopped by them.

Xiao Jinyun planned to cancel this year's palace examination. After all, Xu Yu didn't like dancing and writing since he was a child, but Xu Yu insisted that he couldn't cancel it. Xiao Jinyun helped Xu Yu review the book, but she fell asleep after a while. Seeing this, Xiao Jinyun asked Xiao Jinming to criticize the government for a while, Xiao Jinming was very wronged. Pei Xinzhu ran to the mistress to complain again, but the mistress asked her to spend all her time on the city lord in order to catch the man's heart, and asked her two aunts to give her good advice. Pei Xinzhu obeyed his orders rather than being respectful.

Xu Yu was caught and endorsed by Xiao Jinyun, but he couldn't think of anything even if he wanted to break his head. Xiao Jinyun had no choice but to take Xiao Jinyun out to the temple fair, and the two met Brother Xu by chance on the street. Brother Xu came to listen to the reading and discussion in the teahouse, Xu Yu suddenly became interested and followed him in. In the teahouse, several people heard a few candidates who came to Beijing for the exam to discuss the government, but Xu Yu was very calm, saying that the current master is an enlightened master.

The palace examination will be held in a few days, Xiao Jinyun grabs Xiao Jinming to approve the official documents, and Xu Yu to endorse, Xu Yu praised Haikou before, but now he has to endorse under Xiao Jinyun's pressure. Wudu came to bring them soup, and told the story of the three of them often playing together with Xiao Jinle when they were young. Xiao Jinming and Xu Yu came to be interested, but Xiao Jinyun resentfully pinched them.

On the day of the palace examination, Xu Yu completely forgot the words written by Wen Zou Zou arranged by Xiao Jinyun, and simply changed the topic temporarily. Xiao Jinyun behind the screen couldn't help shaking his head when he heard what Xu Yu said.


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