Facing Jiji's questioning, Xiao Jinyun calmly let go of his long hair. Hearing that Jiji has never been favored by his father, he decided to give it a go. Xu Yu woke up from the dream. Hearing about Xiao Jinyun's plan, he was very worried and wished he could protect him immediately, but was stopped by Jiang Yuanzheng. Xiao Jinyun said that she is the daughter of Lord Hengshan, because she is the daughter of a concubine who has never been favored by her. She followed the mission here privately this time, thinking that if she could persuade Jiji, she would be able to win her father's attention. Gigi really believed it, and even wanted to talk to him in detail all night. Jiji was drinking in the hall, Xu's father and Hu Na decided to take the opportunity to attack and meet Xiao Jinyun.

Xiao Jinyun and Jiji settled the matter, and Jiji was very interested in Xiao Jinyun who had Xu Yu's appearance, Xiao Jinyun was depressed, and heard that Xu Yu often chatted with Hu Na, what's going on with these siblings. After discussing these matters, Xiao Jinyun decided to leave, and Jiji suddenly grabbed her hand and kissed it, maybe he will become the person who understands himself best in the world in the future. Xiao Jinyun held back the nausea in her heart and left, but Jiji suddenly changed her mind and asked people to chase Xiao Jinyun back, and sent someone to spread the word to Hengshan Gong, whether she was Hengshan Gong's daughter or not, would be beneficial to them. Xu's father led people to attack, and Jiji killed many people in a panic in the hall. After finishing off Jiji's soldiers, Xiao Jinyun also saw Xu Yu who came in armor, and their hug gave each other strength.

Jiji killed all her subordinates, and Huna entered the palace with a sword. Jiji hated her because she took everything away from her. Huna didn't expect that her father's death was also because Jiji poisoned him. Gigi always shirks all the blame to others, but doesn't know how much his father loves him. Huna didn't attack Jiji. When Jiji became angry and wanted to attack Huna, she was killed by her adoptive father with a sword. Big brother Xu and Jiang Yuan were following Xu Yu and Xiao Jinyun out to breathe, and they kept some distance to let them get along alone. Xiao Jinyun and Xu Yu looked at the scenery of the northern border hand in hand. In fact, although Xu Yu was unconscious, he could hear what Xiao Jinyun and Xu's father said. Hearing that Xiao Jinyun was going to take risks, he was powerless. passed.

When Hengshan heard the news of the city lord's awakening, he was furious. He lost a great opportunity. Jiji was defeated, but Balu didn't know where he was now. Hengshan was worried that he would be exposed. Balu was arrested by Xiao Jinming and Xu Youran, and Balu kept saying that he would not give in. Pei Xinzhu brought new news that Xiao Jinyun didn't know where he was when he wasn't in the courtyard, so the mistress had no choice but to follow her to see. The mistress and Pei Xinzhu arrived outside the Fengyi Palace. The sword and the sword evaded it with the reason of praying for blessings. The mistress felt a little weird and insisted on going in to have a look. Unexpectedly, Xiao Jinyun really came back. Xu Yu came here with the army, so he didn't come back with Xiao Jinyun. Xiao Jinyun left Jiang Yuanzheng to take care of Xu Yu's body, and hurried back by himself.

Hu Na returned to the queen's position to fulfill her promise, and then Xu Yu led the army back. The mistress saw that her son was very distressed, and she was afraid that he would be hurt in some way. Pei Xinzhu leaned forward to have something personal with Xu Yu, but Xiao Jinyun hid sullenly, and Xu Yu looked for her with the gift he brought back from the northern border. Xiao Jinyun missed Xu Yu very much. After he came back, he thought about it for a long time. Xu Yu misunderstood himself in the northern border. He must have thought that he was in a hurry to go to the northern border because he was worried about his body being damaged, but Xiao Jinyun hadn't thought about anything now. You and I, when we get back to our bodies, Xu Yu will understand his intentions.


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