Xiao Jinyun stayed by Xu Yu's side and took good care of him. Jiang Yuanzheng said that Xu Yu was in danger, and the antidote still lacked a medicine, but it was hard to find. Brother Xu and Second Brother Xu stood outside the tent anxiously, thinking that they couldn't help much, so they might as well discuss how to deal with Jiji. Xiao Jinyun came, before Xu's father had time to ask about Xu Yu's situation, Hu Na came suddenly, Xiao Jinyun did not reveal his identity, saying that he was Jiang Yuanzheng's apprentice Baodao. Hu Na was very worried about Xu Yu's body and was determined to repay him for saving his life. Xiao Jinyun mentioned the medicinal material needed for saving his life, Xiangxue Lulan. She had seen Jiji take it before. The only way to get the antidote is to take Jiji. Xiao Jinyun made up his mind to take Jiji down to avenge Xu Yu.

Jiji has never been favored by her father. After taking the throne, she became more hostile to Huna. She always thought that Huna was not worthy to be the queen of the northern border. Mudan arranged for Hengshan Gong to meet with Balu from the northern border. Xiao Jinle didn't understand what Mudan was planning for Hengshan Gong. She didn't expect that she was not only an oiran, but also had the ability to reach the northern border. Mudan could have lived a happy life, Xiao Jinle didn't understand why she planned these things secretly. Balu is here to form an alliance with Hengshangong instead of Jiji.

Seeing the heavy casualties of soldiers in the camp, Xiao Jinle understood the seriousness of the war even more. Brother Xu and Xiao Jinyun found out that Sun Simian was in the north, and Xiao Jinyun questioned him with the aura of a city lord, which made Brother Xu start to wonder when the younger sister's aura became so strong. Sun Simian quickly admitted that he was sent by Hengshan Gong, and blurted out every word of Hengshangong's plan. Xiao Jinming took Xu Youran out to play, but Xu Youran has never been interested in these things.

Xiao Jinyun told Father Xu that he decided to negotiate with Jiji to prevent him from forming an alliance with Hengshan Gong, and also let him relax his vigilance. Father Xu can take the opportunity to attack and make a surprise attack to ensure that the trip is safe. Xu's father was worried about Xiao Jinyun's safety, and all the dangers in this matter were on him, but Xiao Jinyun insisted on doing so, and Xu's father did not dare to disobey. It is extremely dangerous for Xiao Jinyun to go, but Xu Yu, Xu's father, and tens of thousands of Dasheng's people are waiting here for his triumphant return. Xu Yu on the bed shed tears, Xiao Jinyun wanted to wait for her to wake up and take her home, so she had to wake up quickly.

Xiao Jinming found out about Mr. Hengshan, but was stopped by Xu Youran, and found a place to watch a play. Seeing Hengshan Gong and Balu leaving Mudan one after another, they had a plan in their hearts. After Balu left, Xiao Jinming and Xu Youran cooperated to arrest him. Xiao Jinle found out about Hengshan Gong's conspiracy and tried to persuade him, but Hengshan Gong didn't listen to the persuasion at all.

Xiao Jinyun pretended to be a group of envoys and entered the royal court to meet Jiji, but Jiji soon discovered the identity of the woman and suspected her identity as an envoy.


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