Faced with the assassin who suddenly broke into the palace, Xu Yu and the dancer bravely killed the enemy. Xu's father was very worried about Xu Yu's safety, and was accidentally injured when he rushed to rescue him. Father strikes. Xu's father rushed to rescue Xu Yu, but Xu Yu helped the dancer to block the hidden arrows flying from the dark and was seriously injured. Xu Yu and his party had to retreat, and the person who led the team to assassinate them was Jiji.

Xiao Jinyun woke up from the nightmare, and was very emotional when he saw the heavy snow when he went out for a walk. The maids were shivering from the cold, so Xiao Jinyun let them in to sleep, but Xiao Jinyun was still very worried about Xu Yu who was far away in the north. Xu Yu was hit by a poisoned arrow and remained unconscious, and Xu Shuai was also injured. The dancer knew that Jiji was here for her this time, so she must find a way to take back Beicheng. Hao Yunlai thought of the medicine and instructions that Xiao Jinyun had given him before he left, and quickly found out for Xu Yu and Xu's father to eat. Now that the situation is critical, Hao Yunlai hoped to repair the book and send it to the capital in time, otherwise Xu Yu would only be in more danger. . Jiang Yuan is the number one genius doctor, and only he can save Xu Yu's life by coming to the northern border. Father Xu was very sad to see his daughter lying on the hospital bed. He didn't dare to slack off at the border all these years, just to make Xu Yu live a better life in the inner courtyard, but she chose to come to this border.

Xiao Jinyun received a letter from Xu Yu in the middle of the night, seeing that she was seriously injured and unconscious, and Xu's father's old illness had relapsed, Xiao Jinyun was heartbroken, and hurriedly sent someone to find Jiang Yuanzheng. At the same time, did Mudan also tell Heng Shangong the news? As long as the city lord died outside, it would be easy for them to kill Father Xu.

Xiao Jinyun and Xiao Jinming went to the Zhaixing Pavilion, but the hexagram was unclear, and Xu Youran was also very puzzled. Xiao Jinyun was worried, and decided to go to the northern border in person. The military news had not been spread, so Xiao Jinyun could leave privately. Only Jiang Yuanzheng could save Xu Yu's life, so Xiao Jinyun decided to take him to the north. Little did he know that Mr. Hengshan had already obtained information that he believed that Xiao Jinyun was in a coma, and wanted to convict the Xu family of colluding with the northern border for rebellion.

Xiao Jinming has always been reluctant to go to court, and his style of handling things is exactly the same as Xu Yu's, but he is very useful in dealing with these old men in the court. Xiao Jinming decided to suspend the court meeting and complained to the outside world. While Xiao Jinming was having fun, the mistress arrived suddenly, and hurriedly lay down to pretend to be sick. The mistress became worried when she saw how weak he looked, and she never forgot to scold Xiao Jinyun for never caring for her body. Before leaving, Xiao Jinyun handed a letter to Xiao Jinming and asked him to give the letter to the mistress. The mistress saw Xiao Jinyun's family letter and said that he would not be back for a while, and she wanted his wife to pray for him without leaving home. If Xiao Jinyun did this, Fengyi Palace would not be afraid of being disturbed. After that, Tao Shuren came to Fengyi Palace, but she was only greedy for the craftsmanship of Baodao, and went back after eating delicious food.

Hengshan Gong sent someone to confirm the news in private, and Xiao Jinle went to find Mudan in private, but he didn't expect that she was actually Hengshan Gong's person. Xiao Jinyun and Brother Xu set off for the northern border overnight, and those who wanted to come to Hengshan Gong were already on their way. Along the way, Xiao Jinyun was thinking of Xu Yu, and Xu Yu was still unconscious and even getting worse, but the doctors couldn't tell what kind of poison he had. When Jiji joined forces to attack, Second Brother Xu could only move his position immediately. On the way, they met Xiao Jinyun and Brother Xu who rushed over in a hurry. Seeing the heavy casualties of the soldiers, Xiao Jinyun knew that if he didn't come this trip, he might not be able to understand the other world Xu's father described.


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