Pei Xinzhu waited to see the good show of the city lord's wife, Pei Xinzhu couldn't stand the bitter trick that Qin Meiren used just now, so he simply wrote this matter into his couple's compatibility. Tao Shuren thought that Pei Xinzhu could take this opportunity to perform well, and maybe the mistress would restore her position as soon as she was happy. Qin Meiren released the news that she was burnt and needed Heng Shan Gong's burn ointment.

Xiao Jinyun chose the Huaiyang cuisine that the mistress liked for preparing the banquet. Pei Xinzhu made sarcastic remarks beside him, deliberately made things difficult for Xiao Jinyun, and even sneered at her dress. Xiao Jinyun was very upset, but he could only change clothes according to Pei Xinzhu's words , Pei Xinzhu asked him to change several sets one after another, making Xiao Jinyun very angry. At the same time, Xu Yu is having a drink with the dancer girl in the northern border. Xu Yu wants the meteorite black crystal, which is a treasure of the northern border. The dancer girl said that it is in Jiji's hands, but since Xu Yu wants her, she must do her best. The dancer accidentally learned that Xu Yu liked men, and she couldn't help being surprised. Xu Yu quickly explained that what he liked was a hero who stood upright on the battlefield.

Qin Meiren brought Hengshan Gong's medicine, which will not hurt life, but makes Xiao Jinming unable to act as a government official for the time being. At the banquet in the evening, the dancer publicly announced that the northern border would surrender to Dasheng, which was opposed by many northerners. Wu Ji said that she had thought a lot about this decision. It is the common people who suffer in the war, and unification is not easy. There is no joke in the so-called, which was also the agreement between Wu Ji and Xu Yu at that time.

Xiao Jinyun accidentally found Qin Meiren holding a medicine bottle and asked her what she was doing, but Qin Meiren refused to admit it. In the past, Beauty Qin had nothing to contend with, but Xiao Jinyun hoped that it was because she had some unspeakable secrets. The mistress had the foresight to cancel the banquet, so Xiao Jinyun and Xiao Jinming brothers who accompanied the mistress to watch the year could only stay by her side. When the time came, Xiao Jinming made excuses to leave. He has always been like this and no one can stop him. It was snowing, and Xiao Jinyun was worried about Xu Yu who was away, wondering if he would have dumplings to eat at the border. I thought their situation must be very difficult, but I didn't expect Xu Yu to sing, dance, drink and eat meat in the northern border. Xu's father felt helpless when he saw her like this. It was also snowing heavily in the north, and Xu Yu suddenly lost his mind, thinking of Xiao Jinyun in the distance.

Xiao Jinle came to pay his respects to the mistress, and then met Xiao Jinyun in the yard. In Xiao Jinle's memory, Xu Yu has always been a good person to him, but he doesn't know that Xu Yu in front of him is Xiao Jinyun. Recalling the past, Xiao Jinle couldn't help himself, Xiao Jinyun quickly reminded him. The snow scene in the northern border was beautiful, but Xu Yu felt a little disappointed. It would be great if Xiao Jinyun was here. The dancer is the first queen in the north, and Xu Yu envies her very much, but she believes that one day, the daughter of Dasheng will be able to do what she wants to do, just like her. Xu Yu believed that there was no right or wrong on the battlefield, and she hoped that the dancer would let go of her hatred for Xu's father, but if her father had killed Xu's father, would Xu Yu forgive him?

Xiao Jinming left the mistress's place and went to Xu Youran's Zhaixing Pavilion. He never left the Zhaixing Pavilion. Xiao Jin would come to drink with him every year next year. Xu Yu accompanied everyone to drink, Xu's father ran outside to blow the air, the hall was noisy, but the night outside the hall was eerily quiet. At this time, someone came in with a large number of people. Wu Ji's adoptive father wanted to take the opportunity to eradicate dissidents. Submission could not really eliminate the flames of war. Only by killing Xu Yu could the northern border truly surrender to Wu Ji. The dance girl was not persuaded, she admired Xu Yu and Xu's father, and even if she wanted to kill them, she had to do it on the battlefield in an open manner.


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