The dancer has no chance, so she has to gamble with all her strength, it depends on whether Xu Yu is willing to gamble with her. Xu Yu agreed, and Xu's father hoped that she would think twice before acting, but Xu Yu insisted on making such a hasty decision. Xu's father asked Xu Yu to talk alone, reminding her to be careful with the dancer, Xu Yu thought she was an ambitious woman, and even gave her his horse to ride. Wu Ji went to see her adoptive father and expressed her idea of forming an alliance with Xu Yu to take back the royal court, and her adoptive father agreed.

Pei Xinzhu closed the door and couldn't stop thinking about it, so she ran to the mistress to intercede. The mistress is still facing Pei Xinzhu, and she can't be blamed for what happened last time. The mistress said that she had her own discretion in that matter, and asked Pei Xinzhu to go back first. The city lord was out fighting, and the mistress decided to give some advice to the following wives. The mistress called Xiao Jinyun over to talk, and saw that she was holding a stove in her hand, the mistress deliberately made things difficult for her, and even asked her to come over to eat fast and copy scriptures. Xiao Jinyun sent someone to send a letter to Xu Yu, full of lovesickness.

Xiao Jinyun deliberately wrote the words ugly, because her stomach began to cry because she was not full, and the mistress told her to eat some vegetarian food, but she must not touch meat. Xu Yu won the battle but did not take advantage of the victory to pursue, Xu Erge was very puzzled. All the ministries in the northern border are unpredictable, and the dancer's plan has worked. When Jiji's royal court troops are fighting hard, they can go straight to the royal court. Jiji's army fought a battle with the barbarians, when Xu Yu's strength was weak, Xu Yu led people to attack.

Pei Xinzhu heard that his wife was very happy to be hungry all day long, but Qin Meiren provoked discord and asked her to starve her while the city lord was away, and ordered someone to deliver food to her at night. Tao Shuren secretly brought some snacks to thank Xiao Jinyun. She has always been very grateful to Xiao Jinyun for speaking for herself last time. Xiao Jinyun was about to eat, Tao Shuren's eyes lit up seeing so many delicious dishes, Xiao Jinyun asked her to eat, Tao Shuren very rudely swept away the whole table.

The dancer successfully regained the throne, but Ji Ji ran away after being defeated, but she was determined to take the throne back and wipe out the roots. A few days passed, Xiao Jinyun's handwriting had improved a lot, the mistress was very pleased. Xiao Jinming came, and the mistress told Xiao Jinyun not to copy the scriptures tomorrow, and asked her and Pei Xinzhu to take care of the backyard. The dancer took back the throne and hosted a banquet to thank Xu Yu, and invited her to dance with her. Although Xu Yu couldn't dance, she had to be with her, for the sake of the peace of the northern border and Dasheng. There are still ministers in the court who have not fully recognized the dancer, so Xu Yu also wants to tell everyone that Dasheng will support her.

The new year is coming soon, the mistress is worried about her son, Xiao Jinyun specially came to comfort her, and the mistress entrusts her to arrange the New Year's Eve banquet. When the news of the great victory in the Northern Territory came, Xiao Jinming hurried to tell Xiao Jinyun, and also brought a family letter written by Xu Yu. She wanted to stabilize the Northern Territory and sign an alliance, and she would not come back until the beginning of next year. Xiao Jinyun was overjoyed and asked someone to send the news to the mistress. The snow is too heavy, the dancer girl invites Xu Yu to come to the royal court to celebrate the New Year, Xu Yu expresses that she wants to discuss it with Xu's father. Xiao Jinyun was also preparing for the New Year's Eve banquet, and Pei Xinzhu was very unconvinced. Baodao accidentally bumped into Qin Meiren, and Qin Meiren quickly turned down the matter of assisting the banquet. Xiao Jinyun understood that Beauty Qin just wanted to be wise and protect herself.


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