The mistress ordered Pei Xinzhu to be demoted to be a master, and she was not allowed to go out in March. Pei Xinzhu was full of resentment. Qin Meiren was very surprised to hear the news, and did not pass on the news. Xiao Jinyun was a little worried about Xu Yu's news, and asked about the news from the north, but on second thought, forget it, because Xu Yu likes snow the most. Xu Yu arrived at the northern border ahead of time, and Xu's father came late because he was out. Xu Yu found that Xu's father's orders were more effective in this military camp. No wonder the emperor feared Xu's family.

Pei Xinzhu was heartbroken and felt that his days were over, so he finally decided to write a memoir to let the world see how dark the harem is. Pei Xinzhu named this volume of memoir "Two Doubts". It was the first time for Xu Yu to go to the battlefield to fight bloody battles with the soldiers. Everyone didn't expect the city lord to be so powerful. It seemed that they underestimated him, but they didn't know that Xiao Jinyun was the real Xu Yu. Xu Yu's tricks on the battlefield made Xu's father doubt his identity. This is the unique skill of the Xu family. Xu Yu could only say that Madam taught it. Although Xu's father didn't ask any more questions, he still had doubts in his heart. Xu Yu drank too much, and accidentally said what was in his heart to control Xu's father and godfather. After waking up, Xu Yu only felt a headache. When Xu's father called Xu Yu's name, Xu Yu subconsciously responded, and it was exposed when he thought about it.

Xiao Jinyun was very worried about Xu Yu's news, and he was relieved when the news of the great victory came from the northern border. Father Xu asked Xu Yu what was going on, his daughter Wan became the lord of the city, and Xu Yu couldn't hide it anymore, so he simply told him from beginning to end. Having said that, Xu Yu liked to dance with knives and guns since he was a child, and when he grew up, he followed Xu's father to the northern border to fight on the battlefield. The conditions here are tough, but no matter what Xu Yu needs, Xu's father will help him get it. Knowing that the city lord personally went to battle to kill the enemy, Xiao Jinyun was shocked. Hengshan Gong came to test Xiao Jinming, Xiao Jinyun hurriedly hid.

Xiao Jinyun suddenly returned after three years away from Beijing, Xiao Jinyun was very worried. Back then, Xiao Jinyun rescued Mudan and made her fall in love with him. Xu Yu and Xu's father met a Persian businessman asking for help on the road. They felt very puzzled. The dancer bought by the businessman volunteered to beg Xu Yu, just to exchange a horse for the businessman. Xiao Jinle brought back many good things to the mistress, and the mistress was very happy. Xiao Jinle grew up with Xiao Jinyun and Xiao Jinming, but the mistress liked him very much. When Xiao Jinle saw his wife quickly called her by her nickname, Xiao Jinyun was upset and ignored him.

The dancer drew a road that she knew for Xu Yu, and when she learned that the person in front of her was the Lord of Dasheng, the dancer suddenly pulled out her hairpin and stabbed at him, but fortunately, Second Brother Xu captured him. The dancer is Zamusi's only daughter, and she disappeared mysteriously after Zamusi's death. She was talented and intelligent and was established as the crown prince. After Zamusi's death, her younger brother sent her away in a daze and claimed to be missing. She endured the humiliation just to come back here, but unexpectedly met them. Xu Yu hurriedly told Xu's father about it, and the dancer wanted to avenge her father. Xu Yu asked someone to untie her and compete with her, and she was convinced to lose. The dance girl wanted to commit suicide after losing, but Xu Yu stopped her. She wanted to help the dance girl regain the throne, but she had to bow down to Dasheng, and there would be no more wars in the northern border. The dancer agreed, but was still very angry when she saw Father Xu. In the end, she agreed to forget the hatred for a while, and to be aboveboard even if she takes revenge.

Xiao Jinyun was very worried. Xiao Jinming said that Xu Yu had caused romantic debts in the northern border, and was taught a lesson by Xiao Jinyun. The dance girl asked Xiao Jinyun to let her go to find her adoptive father. She had nothing left, so naturally she wanted to take a gamble.


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