Xu Yu successfully persuaded the mistress to allow him to lead troops to fight. Pei Xinzhu ran to ask Xiao Jinyun if it was his idea to let the city lord lead the troops to go out. If the city lord was captured, they would all become slaves and their lives would be worse than death. Naturally, Pei Xinzhu would take care of it. Xiao Jinyun disdained it, it turned out that she was still worried about her future. Pei Xinzhu even felt that Xu's father was going to murder the city lord, Xiao Jinyun was very angry, and wished to arrest her immediately.

Before Xu Yu left the mistress's palace, she also asked the mistress to preside over the big and small matters in the inner courtyard, and if something happened to the madam, she must wait for him to come back before dealing with her. The mistress agreed, no matter how big his wife made a mistake before he came back, the mistress would not touch him in the slightest. Xiao Jinyun was very worried about whether Xu Yu had successfully persuaded the mistress, and Xu Yu frightened him. Xiao Jingyun took Xu Yu to see something good, it was a tailor-made armor for her, Xu Yu jumped up and down excitedly when he saw it, and quickly put on this armor. Jiang Yuanzheng's old illness relapsed, and Xiao Jinyun came while taking a medicine bath, hoping that he could follow Xu Yu's side to protect her, but Jiang Yuanzheng's body couldn't stand the cold in the north, so Xiao Jinyun gave Xu Yu the pills he practiced every three years .

Before leading his troops to set off, Xu Yu gave amnesty to the world. The mistress didn't want to face the separation of mother and child and didn't come to send Xu Yu, but asked Xiao Jinyun to bring a gift. There are a lot of candies inside, Xu Yu smiled, in the mother's eyes, they are all children who can't grow up. Xiao Jinyun told Xu Yu to bring back his body intact, and gave many instructions. He was there to boost morale, not to be willful. He had to discuss with Xu's father when he was done, and not make decisions alone. When Xu Yu got on the horse, Xiao Jinyun reluctantly said to her to take care. Xiao Jinyun couldn't bear to watch anymore, couldn't bear Xu Yu's departure. Seeing Xiao Jinyun's dazed look, Xiao Jinming couldn't help but read two poems. Knowing that the city lord is away, Tao Shuren thinks that they can have fun in the harem. Now that the city lord is away, Pei Xinzhu, who dare not dress up presumptuously, also dresses up according to her own preferences.

Xiao Jingyun served in front of the mistress. The mistress was very sad to be separated from the mother and child, and she was very sad, and worried that her son would not be able to eat or sleep well. Pei Xinzhu and Tao Shuren came to pay their respects to the mistress in a flamboyant manner. The mistress was very unhappy when they saw her. Compared with his wife's hard work, the mistress scolded Pei Xinzhu angrily and kicked him out. Xiao Jinming reviewed official documents all day long, and when he couldn't take it anymore, he secretly ran out to feed the fish. Xiao Jinyun was very dissatisfied with Xiao Jinming's work. The mistress treated Pei Xinzhu much colder. When she heard the news that his wife and Xiao Jingming were together, she quickly went to check. Seeing the two of them arguing, Pei Xinzhu immediately went to the mistress to catch him. Pei Xinzhu said that the flowers in the back garden were blooming, and invited the mistress to enjoy the flowers together, and the two got up and went to the back garden.

Xiao Jinyun went to catch Xiao Jinming and went back to the study, Xiao Jinming said that the mistress told him to come here and wait for her. The two looked very flirtatious to the mistress, and immediately called his wife to come to his palace alone, without alarming Xiao Jinming. The mistress thought that the wife was having an affair with her uncle and gave her poison, but she remembered what Xiao Jinyun said before leaving. Only then did Xiao Jinyun have the opportunity to explain that he was ordered by the city lord to supervise Xiao Jinming's government. Pei Xinzhu met Qin Meiren and thought she was going to join Xu Yu, so she told him about her affair with Xiao Jinming. The mistress asked Xiao Jinming to ask questions, but Xiao Jinming was very puzzled. It was clearly the mistress who asked him to go to enjoy the flowers together in the afternoon. Someone must have done this on purpose, the mistress lost her temper and asked someone to pass on Pei Xinzhu. Qin Meiren is actually a member of Hengshan Gong, and she thinks she must find a way to spread the word. Pei Xinzhu originally thought that she could take the position, but she didn't expect to be slapped by the mistress and punished her to go back and face the wall to think about her mistakes. Xiao Jinyun was unwilling to let her go, and asked the mistress to uphold justice for himself and Xiao Jinming.


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