Xiao Jinyun brought a sheep doll to Xu Yu, which was given by brother Xu who visited his relatives last time. Xu Yu was happy for a second and then felt resentful, thinking that he was just warning her father and brother that she needed to be careful when they were fighting outside on the battlefield. Xiao Jinyun quickly explained that he didn't mean that. Since they exchanged their identities, Xiao Jinyun really understood Xu Yu's feelings and who was sincere. Xu Yu was still angry, Xiao Jinyun said that he didn't know anything about the incense. Although he was very prepared for the Xu family, he never thought of hurting her. No one can hurt her, including the mistress.

The mistress suddenly sent someone to call Xu Yu over, and the strange atmosphere between Xiao Jinyun and Xu Yu was destroyed. The mistress rewarded her with a dress, and the flower on it was called Yinanhua. Although she had offended the mistress many times during the wedding, she was the wife of the city lord of Dasheng after all. The mistress has already checked the matter of the incense, and it was a mistake when the servants purchased it. She didn't want this kind of thing to disturb the city lord. Finally, the mistress also rewarded a lot of supplements. Xiao Jinyun had some headaches, and he needed to work harder to improve the relationship between Xu Yu and the mistress.

Xiao Jinyun came back with these things, Xu Yu was very moved when she saw these things, but she didn't expect that the mistress always recognized her identity and status. Since the wedding, Xu Yu has never been favored by the mistress, and now Xiao Jinyun has won these things for her. Xiao Jinyun asked Xu Yu if he had a letter from home, and he wanted to send it along with the letters of sympathy from the frontline soldiers, Xu Yu immediately ran to prepare, Xiao Jinyun laughed that she was still a child.

Xu Yu was very happy to hear the news that Xu's father beheaded Zhamuxi, but also felt uneasy when he learned that Xu's father was seriously injured and the Xu family army suffered heavy casualties. Some people in the court advocated changing the coach, but they also got the support of some people. There was no one around Father Xu to use, and there was another quarrel in court about who to send to fight. The brothers from the Xu family came to ask for a fight, but brother Xu was still recuperating, so Xu Yu was naturally worried. But Xu Yu happened to think that now that he is a man, he can go to the battlefield. Xu's father felt more relieved when he received the peace talisman from Xu Yu. Xu Yu and Xiao Jinyun said they would lead the army. changed back. Xu Yu was very disappointed, he didn't expect that he still only had his own body in his heart.

Jiang Yuanzheng sent Brother Xu some medicine, hoping that he would recover from his illness with peace of mind, and told them the truth that the mayor's wife was not pregnant. Xiao Jinyun felt depressed, so he ran to Xu Youran to confide in him. Although Xu Yu grew up in a military family, he was used to being pampered, and he would definitely not be able to adapt to the battlefield. Xu Yu heard that he was worried that she hurried forward to plead, this time it was not just a family feud but also a national hatred. Xu Youran spoke for Xu Yu, Xiao Jinyun had no choice but to agree, and finally chose a regent. Xiao Jinming ran away when he heard the two regents, but Xiao Jinyun took advantage of his weaknesses, and Xiao Jinming couldn't help it.

Pei Xinzhu insisted on visiting Xiao Jinyun, Xiao Jinyun and Xu Yu who were in the palace quickly hid, Xu Yu was very repulsed by Pei Xinzhu's embrace. Xiao Jinyun once gave Xu Yu a sword, and it came in handy for this expedition. Xiao Jinyun was still very worried about him, and had to convince the mistress before this expedition. The mistress naturally disagreed with her son leading the army in person, Xu Yu persuaded her with the cheat sheet given by Xiao Jinyun.


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