Xiao Jinyun called everyone in the harem to rectify the atmosphere in the inner courtyard. Xiao Jinyun formulated the rules of the inner court and asked them to abide by them, but everyone went in with one ear and out with the other, especially Pei Xinzhu, who left flauntingly after the end. Xiao Jinyun left Qin Meiren alone to talk, Xiao Jinming came to Xu Yu and said that he had important clues to report, Xu Yu felt that this was beyond their control, and asked Xiao Jinyun to solve the matter.

Xiao Jinyun said that Jingyao told herself the truth before she died, and Qin Meiren was shocked. If Qin Meiren was instigated by Hengshan Gong, this matter would make sense. Xiao Jinyun was already ninety percent sure about this matter, and felt relieved. Xu Youran came to find Xu Yu and Xiao Jinyun, and he found a bracelet in the room, which was given to Xu Yu by Xu's father before he left. This is a strange stone. It is said that it can cure all ills and rejuvenate the old. Xiao Jinyun, who might have died, switched identities with Xu Yu. Xu Youran still couldn't figure it out. Xu Yu was flustered, worried that Xiao Jinyun would implicate Xu's father, but Xiao Jinyun took the initiative to defend her. Xu Youran said that if you want to change your body, you have to wait until the next Tiangou eclipse, and you have to find a new strange stone to change your body. Only the northern border has meteorite spar.

Zhenbei Hou went to ask Hengshan Gong for help, and Hengshan Gong had already made up his mind to push this matter to the Xu family. Tao Shuren pleaded for Zhenbeihou. She is the niece of Zhenbeihou's wife. She pleaded without authorization but was scolded by the mistress, and Pei Xinzhu was punished. The investigation was deadlocked, Xu Yu and Xiao Jinyun were very unwilling, they in turn comforted Xiao Jinming and drove him away. Xiao Jinming was very wronged, Xiao Jinyun suddenly started to have a stomachache, Xu Yu was startled, she was fine before the body exchange. Jiang Yuanzheng took his pulse and said that Xiao Jinyun was poisoned. The poison was not fatal, but it did some damage to the body. Xiao Jinyun and Xu Yu ordered a thorough investigation. Xiao Jinyun's daily food Jiang Yuanzheng carefully inspected it, and finally found the culprit, which was this incense. This incense is called Huanyixiang, and if used for a long time, it will be impossible to give birth to offspring. This incense was given to Xu Yu by the mistress earlier, but she has always disliked incense, so it has been useless, because Xiao Jinyun has been too tired recently and only brought this incense from Fengyi Palace this morning, but she did not expect it to be like this. Xiao Jinyun was at a loss for a while, and asked Xu Yu to ask the mistress carefully.

Xu Yu went to the mistress's palace, summoned up the courage to ask Huan Yixiang, and the mistress admitted that she did it by herself. Xiao Jinyun said before that the Xu family had great ambitions, so the mistress would make such a bad move. Although the mistress likes to see their husband and wife love each other very much, the most taboo thing in the harem is special favors, and the Taicheng is the closest person to the family. Pei Xinzhu went to find Tao Shuren. Tao Shuren originally avoided seeing him, but couldn't resist the temptation of delicious food.

After Xu Yu came back from the mistress's place, he and Xiao Jinyun separated a lot. Xiao Jinyun had a headache, so he could only ask Xu Youran to urge him to change his body as soon as possible. Xiao Jinming came to look for Xu Youran, but when he heard what they said, he misunderstood that they were planning to rebel, so he hurried to find Xu Yu. Xu Yu couldn't explain clearly, so he simply took him to find Xiao Jinyun and asked him to explain clearly. Knowing that they swapped bodies, Xiao Jinming figured out what he couldn't figure out before.


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