From acquaintance, to love, to marriage, they have had sweetness and quarrels, care and understanding, but now they have to go to the point of divorce. If they can exchange identities and understand each other, perhaps they can have fewer misunderstandings. With this in mind, the author began to draw the story "Love Without Doubt". The story takes place in Wenzhi City during the Dasheng period. Mrs. Xu Yu, the lord of Dasheng City, learned that her father had returned and disregarded everything to change into the clothes of a minister just to see her father. Since Xu Yu married Emperor Wen Zhi Xiao Jinyun, her father went to the border and they haven't seen each other for three years.

The suggestion made by Xu's father in the court was not taken seriously by Xiao Jinyun, and some ministers even accused him. Xu Yu couldn't bear it and immediately spoke up for her father, but as the city's lady, her appearance in court caused a great uproar. Xu's father quickly knelt down to apologize and offered to take the punishment for Xu Yu. Xiao Jinyun ordered Xu Yu to be taken away and punished by the main mother, and then left the court. The incident in the former dynasty caused waves in the harem, and Concubine Pei believed that her position was in danger, so she took a group of concubines to the main mother's place to watch the excitement.

The mistress is currently scolding Lady Xu Yu, the city lord's wife who is causing a disturbance in the court, demanding that she give up her seat. However, Lady Xu Yu refuses to do so unless Xiao Jinyun divorces her himself, otherwise she will always be the city lord's wife. The mistress is very angry, while Lady Xu Yu gets up and goes to find Xiao Jinyun. Pei Xinzhu is the mistress's niece, who is currently trying to stir up trouble, but she is scolded by the mistress. The mistress tells her that it is more important to improve oneself than to harm others, and that a mother's love for her child is the most important thing. Lady Xu Yu is usually very kind to everyone, so even Xiao Jinyun's personal eunuch is pleading for her in front of him. Xiao Jinyun thought that if he didn't divorce his wife, there was no way to end it. At this time, Xu's father brought news of the foreign invasion and said that he would leave the city immediately to prepare for the war, but he was worried about his daughter. Xiao Jinyun immediately let go of his thoughts just now, Xu Yu met his father outside the hall, and the father and daughter had a rare meeting. Xu's father gave Xu Yu the beads he found at the border, but he didn't have time to wait for his daughter to hand over the safety talisman.

Xiao Jinyun warned Xu Yu to stay in the inner courtyard well, and then went to the mistress's place. Xiao Jinyun's lack of children is a heart disease of the mistress, and she also talked about the matter of draft girls. Xu Yu was practicing sword in the yard, and Xiao Jinyun thought her heart was wide-eyed. Xiao Jinyun brought a booklet and asked Xu Yu to help him draft girls. Xu Yu talked to him but carried a gun with a stick, and even pushed him into the pond in a moment of emotion. After reacting, Xu Yu hurriedly went into the water to save her, and breathed out with a kiss.

Waking up again, Xu Yu found that his body had turned into Xiao Jinyun, and the mistress was taking good care of him. Xu Yu was confused, and hurriedly drove away the mistress. After confirming that this was not a dream, everyone in Xu Yu was dumbfounded. When Pei Xinzhu heard the news of Xiao Jinyun's waking up, he immediately ran to him crying and crying. Seeing her shadow that almost pounced on him, Xu Yu immediately asked her to pray for him. On the other side, Xiao Jinyun woke up and found that he had turned into Xu Yu. Before he could react, the mistress and his body rushed over.


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