Su Chengcheng carried his things home sullenly. He was hit by a reckless student on campus. The perpetrator didn't get out of the car at all, explaining that he was anxious and hurried away. Su Chengcheng got up from the grass, his arms were scratched, and his face was full of bruises. Frustrated, he suddenly met Jin Woo-ha. Xiao Yuhe picked up the bag that fell on the ground, handed it to Su Chengcheng, and even drove her along in the car, sitting on the back seat of his senior brother, Su Chengcheng's gray mood was swept away.

The two talked about their respective families. There were constant quarrels in the family when they were young, and then their parents divorced, and they lived on their own. In fact, they were wronged, but as time passed, these have become dull. Just seeing other people have happy families, they sometimes feel a little bit lost. Xiao Yuhe took Su Chengcheng to the amusement park again, took pictures of her, treated her to delicious snacks, and couldn't help holding hands, being held by Xiao Yuhe's strong hands, Su Chengcheng felt that the evening wind was very gentle, this should be The wonderful feeling she had when she first met senior brother.

Lin Ying, a nerd, actually has a boy she likes. She bought the newly launched bread and sent it to the downstairs of the brother's dormitory. The other party just said a few words and left. Say it. Lin Ying had a crush on him for three years, and she didn't know what attracted her so much about him. Li Meizi went home to eat and was still swiping his phone, and his father couldn't bear to start taking political classes like Tang Seng. Li Meizi had a fight with his father. He was supposed to stay at home for four or five days, but he went back to school in two days.

In the morning, Su Chengcheng was woken up by Li Meizi in his sleep. Seeing that his best friend brought him delicious food, Su Chengcheng was very happy. Because the monkeys in the laboratory hadn’t seen a familiar breeder for several days, they started to escape from prison and jumped up and down in the room. He bites anyone he sees, and he looks very manic. Even the professors in the laboratory couldn't get along well. Su Chengcheng tentatively walked into the room, and the monkey immediately poured a bucket of water on her. Su Chengcheng failed in monkey training, and walked out of the laboratory like a drowned chicken. Xiao Yuhe thoughtfully took off his coat immediately and put it on her body.

Later, Su Chengcheng changed into the monkey's familiar keeper's clothes, imitated her walking, covered his face with a folder and walked into the laboratory. The monkey smelled the familiar smell, thought the keeper was back, and immediately walked back to the cage obediently. , no more fuss. Su Chengcheng was very happy when he was done. Back in the dormitory, Su Chengcheng told Li Meizi what happened in the laboratory today, and when he heard that Xiao Yuhe put on a coat for Su Chengcheng in public, Li Meizi sighed, is this still the Xiao Yuhe who is usually cold and rejects people thousands of miles away? This is obviously a small detail between lovers.

Xiao Yuhe secretly developed and upgraded the software for the robot Musk, and was very angry when the professor found out. The robot Musk is a mature robot product. If the upgrade fails, the entire operating system will fail and the loss will be huge. The professor also mentioned Xiao Yuhe's failure in the robot competition. Su Chengcheng learned from other seniors that Xiao Yuhe had participated in the robot intelligence competition. As a result, the software he developed suddenly failed to operate, and Xiao Yuhe had a dispute with the participating judges at that time. .

The professor in the laboratory gave Xiao Yuhe an analysis of the pros and cons of upgrading Musk, and also reminded Xiao Yuhe that if he insisted on continuing to upgrade the robot system, he might take back Musk’s access control card. The teacher had already mentioned this, and Xiao Yuhe handed over the access control Card.


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