The tense voting moment finally came. The teacher of the experiment class asked Su Chengcheng to count the votes himself. In the secret ballot, everyone had ulterior motives. There were negative votes and yes votes. He came to the laboratory with ulterior motives, Su Chengcheng was not confident when he heard the content of the vote, and wanted to run away immediately, at this moment a crucial vote appeared, Xiao Yuhe actually voted for Su Chengcheng to stay in the laboratory, although she The experimental theoretical knowledge is very weak, but the study is very hard, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. With a precious vote, Su Chengcheng really got his wish!

That night, Su Chengcheng invited all the students in the dormitory to have a dinner. She was very confused. Xiao Yuhe and her were clearly incompatible, but he was willing to vote for her. It was really confusing. She sent a text message to Jin Woo Ha, but did not receive a reply for a long time.

Gu Chen met the ex-boyfriend of the senior sister on campus, and hugged a junior junior sister. Last time, this junior junior sister poured a cup of milk tea on Zhang Xixi in an arrogance and unreasonableness. Gu Chen was very angry and immediately bought a cup of milk tea, pretending to be a scumbag Then, taking advantage of his unpreparedness, he immediately spilled the milk. The scumbag was covered in milk tea stains. Finally, he helped Zhang Xixi vent his anger. Gu Chen was very happy.

Regarding the strict requirements of the laboratory teacher on Su Chengcheng, it didn't take long for the teaching teacher to tell him to be easy-going and build a good relationship with his classmates. Don't think that academic relations are always cold. We think that we should be merciful in the future.

Because the senior sister needed to go out for a while, she handed over her children to Su Chengcheng and Xiao Yuhe to take care of them. Xiao Yuhe had no experience in taking care of children, but Su Chengcheng took the initiative to take the job and promised to take good care of the children. Not long after, Su Chengcheng wanted to help the child pour water, but just after going out for a while, the child accidentally locked the door. The laboratory was airtight, and through the glass, I saw a child crying. Everyone was very anxious, but there was no key, and the senior sister could not be contacted for the time being. Xiao Yuhe took the initiative to open the lock according to the senior sister's habit of setting a password, but there were only two chances. , with very little success. Su Chengcheng jumped out of another window and came into the room. When the child saw someone in the room, he immediately stopped crying. At this time, Xiao Yuhe successfully opened the door.

In the evening, the senior sister finally came back. The little boy fell in love with Su Chengcheng and Xiao Yuhe, and gave them a gift. When Xiao Yuhe left, he gave Su Chengcheng a bottle full of colorful candies. The other sisters in the dormitory didn't know where to go, and the lights were not turned on in the room. Looking at the bottle full of candies, Su Chengcheng suddenly thought of his childhood friend Zhu Panpan. He remembered that child who was usually very timid, but always gave her some colorful gifts. , Sometimes it is counting sticks, sometimes it is candy, but there are always many surprises and joys with him. Unfortunately, Zhu Panpan later transferred to another school. Su Chengcheng was sad for many days because of this, although she was in the laboratory that day. Zhu Panpan's name was not mentioned, but this little friend was her most cherished friend.

Up to now, Su Chengcheng still clearly remembers that after Zhu Panpan transferred to another school, she often wrote letters to her little friend, but in the end, nothing happened, and there was no news for a while, and Su Chengcheng painfully pulled this little friend out of her life.


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