During the meal, Su Chengcheng bought the last Xiaolongbao, and when he was about to pick up the meal, Xiao Yuhe also came. Hearing that he also ordered a Xiaolongbao, Su Chengcheng thought that yesterday's miscalculation made him pay three times more. Yuan Wujiao, so he reluctantly gave up, the hateful Xiao Yuhe agreed, and took the steamed buns with no expression and ate with his friends.

There are still such brazen boys in the world. When Su Chengcheng was eating, he saw them eating with gusto, so he greeted his friends in the laboratory. Back to the lab. Xiao Yuhe deliberately said that maybe she would graduate in three years, the two of them tore apart their faces, and both began to get along with each other in a disgusting mode.

The laboratory teacher didn't see Su Chengcheng in class, and heard that only his classmates asked for leave on his behalf, but he didn't approve, so he asked Su Chengcheng to make up a copy of the leave slip. This hit right into Xiao Yuhe's arms, he was secretly happy.

When taking the bus, Su Chengcheng found that she did not bring her bus card and did not get on the bus. When she looked for her mobile phone, she found that her mobile phone had disappeared. For Su Chengcheng, who could only commute to get out of class by bicycle, it was a terrible thing. thing, she squatted on the ground holding her head and crying. It seemed that someone patted her arm lightly, and Su Chengcheng raised his head. It turned out that the other party thought she didn't have a one-yuan coin to take the bus, so he offered to donate one yuan to her. Su Chengcheng's eyes were red and swollen from crying, and he couldn't help asking him if he saw his phone.

The days of not going to the laboratory were still very enjoyable, but not too long passed. Lin Ying returned to the dormitory and announced that if she wanted to take the postgraduate entrance examination or graduate successfully, she must go to the laboratory to increase her credits. Never go or die.

The guy who kindly handed over the bus fare to Su Chengcheng was called Gu Chen. It turned out that he also joined the laboratory. Zhang Xixi fell in love with him at first sight. There are such beautiful young people in the world who are not only quiet and reticent, but also very flexible and flexible familiar.

Su Chengcheng bought hair dye online on a whim, but the gray-black dye turned into bright pink hair. How could he go out to meet people? But when he bought the hair dye again, it would take three or four days to receive the delivery. During this period, Su Chengcheng I have to wait for the hair inside the Balabala Little Demon Fairy to study and attend classes.

In order to hide this beautiful hair, Su Chengcheng even put on a hat and scarf on purpose, but Xiao Yuhe and the teacher of the experiment class discovered it when she was covered by the left and right. What's the matter with this pink hair? Su Chengcheng said in a hurry that it was because of this pink hair that he asked for leave. He was worried that it would scare the teacher and classmates, but it still angered the teacher. He reminded Su Chengcheng that there will be a vote next week. If Su Chengcheng agrees to continue No matter how low the number of votes in the laboratory is, she will get her wish in the future.

Seeing Su Chengcheng with pink hair on top, Xiao Yuhe couldn't help but chuckle to himself, this trinket is simply a queen of change, and the teacher in the office criticized Su Chengcheng ruthlessly, which also made Xiao Yuhe sad. Su Chengcheng had already gotten to know Su Chengcheng well in the laboratory before, and many senior brothers had deep memories of this spooky and elf-like girl, so they secretly reminded her to vote for her one more time. Su Chengcheng’s class had an in-class quiz and urgently needed a teacher to invigilate the exam. A classmate asked Xiao Yuhe if he was free. He wasn’t keen on such things at first, but when he heard that the invigilator was Su Chengcheng’s class, Xiao Yuhe even took the initiative to say that he was busy with work. When it's over, you can act as the invigilator.

In the afternoon, Xiao Yuhe appeared in Su Chengcheng's class, and as a jury teacher, Su Chengcheng's heart was beating wildly. The best friend next to her reminded her to keep calm and answer the questions hard.


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