Southeast University of Science and Technology, Su Chengcheng rode a bicycle on the green campus, and it was another pleasant summer, with green leaves and cool breeze as far as he could see, and he was already a sophomore in a blink of an eye. The wish is still not fulfilled, respectively, to fall in love, never fail a course, and save money to buy an electric car. When I was admitted to university, I thought it was a science college and there should be a lot of boys, but when I came here, I realized that this science student is a complete idiot. Such trivial matters fell on deaf ears.

Su Chengcheng reminded himself that it is impossible to find a boyfriend after graduating from college. Sitting on the back seat of the bicycle is Li Meizi, a self-proclaimed love expert, but in fact she is also a grass. There is also Xie Xiaomeng, this quiet and beautiful girl with long hair, and another roommate is Lin Ying, who has short hair, social fear, and an idiot who loves credits.

As soon as she started her sophomore year, she met a wonderful teacher named "Expert Li". The class requirements were extremely strict, and every class would roll her name. This time Su Chengcheng was three minutes late, the teacher called Su Chengcheng and hurried over, just collided with the voice who answered for her, luckily the teacher was merciful.

When Su Chengcheng was in class, he didn’t want to be late. When he rode the bike faster, the chains would strike and lay flat. Su Chengcheng’s car had already slid 20 meters away. He turned his head and began to struggle. If he went back to pick up the chains, he would be late again, but he didn’t pick them up. The bicycle chain, obviously the bicycle was completely useless. When Su Chengcheng was in a dilemma, a boy who smelled of mint passed by on an electric bicycle. He picked up the bicycle chain with a chic posture, and quickly delivered it to Su Chengcheng! It was just a glimpse, Su Chengcheng was completely smitten by this face, from now on, after class, after school, after dinner, this peppermint-scented boy was always on his mind.

Then I ran into this boy in the laboratory and in the library. Su Chengcheng felt that maybe Yuelao was kind and his luck was coming, so he mustered up the courage to confess his love to the male god, and even took the initiative to ask for other people's WeChat and asked her name. . The boy asked her so many reasons, Su Chengcheng saw such a delicate facial features on the opposite side, couldn't help saying that he liked him. The other party immediately took her to the laboratory and asked the machine to measure whether what Su Chengcheng said was true.

This is completely the first time to go to the laboratory. Su Chengcheng's spine is shivering due to the suspicious and strange equipment, the rigorous arrangement and the cold light emitted by the cutting-edge machine. The senior put a heavy metal hat on her, then turned on the switch, and started the lie detection experiment. Fleeing to the dormitory in a daze, the roommates were surprised when they heard Su Chengcheng's strange experience, wondering if what Su Chengcheng encountered was real luck or disaster.

After confessing his love to Xiao Yuhe, Su Chengcheng was finally allowed to come to the laboratory, and got the access control card. The laboratory was full of boys, and suddenly they saw a new girl. They were all very curious, and they learned that it was Xiao Yuhe's pursuit. They immediately winked at each other mysteriously and began to take special care of them. Xiao Yuhe was very happy to see Su Chengcheng coming, and deliberately told his accomplice not to do any work or arrange for the newcomers. Xiao Yuhe's order cannot be disobeyed. In view of Su Chengcheng's current ability, the senior in the laboratory still assigned her cleaning work.

Su Chengcheng really wants to know if Xiao Yuhe agrees to be his girlfriend, but he always asks to prove his liking with various scientific data and fills out all kinds of weird forms. Xiao Yuhe asks her to face the camera to answer her questions, and deliberately He asked some questions about his childhood experiences, and asked Su Chengcheng who were his good friends when he was a child. Faced with these boring questions, Su Chengcheng also talked about his childhood playmates. Looking at Su Chengcheng captured by the camera, Xiao Yuhe asked in his heart, did Su Chengcheng really not remember him?


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