In the Huotu tribe, Zhu Yan, the princess of the Chi nationality, was appointed by the emperor to be married to Prince Kirke of the Huotu tribe. The tribe outside celebrated the prince's wedding. Inside the camp, Zhu Yan drew a portrait of herself with a brush, and turned the portrait into herself, intending to I escaped secretly. The maid persuaded Zhu Yan not to run away from marriage, but Zhu Yan was unwilling to marry someone she didn't love and insisted on running away.

At the wedding of Prince Kirk of the Huotu tribe and Princess Zhu Yan of the Red Clan, a sand demon suddenly appeared, and the guests fled everywhere. The sand demon was secretly manipulated by the real Zhu Yan. She used the sand demon to destroy her phantom body, and then Quickly escape from Huo Tu's department. Zhu Yan accidentally saw Master Shiying on the way. It turned out that Shiying was invited by Zhu Yan to attend the wedding.

Between Liuhe and within the four seas, there is a fairy island named Yunhuang, where Kongsang, Yuren, and Ice Clan live for generations. Seven thousand years ago, Kongsang Langgan ruled the cloud and wasteland, but there was Xuyao, the God of Destruction, who arbitrarily aroused evil thoughts for his own use, and was confused by the God of Destruction. Inside Kongsang, there were six kings fighting in secret, and outside, there were merman navy and ice warriors. The ten witches of the family have repeatedly made troubles, and Yunhuang is about to fall into the flames of war again.

Shiying, the son of Kongsang, practiced martial arts hard since he was a child, and wanted to change the war in the wilderness. Zhu Yan, the princess of the Chi nationality, wanted to pick the most beautiful Xue Hanwei and give it to his son. It turned out that Zhu Yan wanted to learn the most powerful spells to protect Xihuang, but her father thought that as the princess she didn't need to learn these, Zhu Yan wanted to find her son to allow her to learn spells. But she didn't know that the young master who helped her pick off Xue Hanwei was the son Shiying she was looking for.

Queen Kongsang Bai Yan meets the merman concubine Qiushui singer on the road. Qiushui asked the queen to avoid her because she was pregnant. The queen Bai Yan was not angry, but graciously gave way. Zhu Yan accidentally fell and landed in front of Qiushui's sedan chair. Qiushui thought that Zhu Yan had bumped into him, and crushed Xue Hanwei in Zhu Yan's hand with his feet, thinking that the Chi tribe intended to murder their mother and child. Qiu Shui wanted to do something to Zhu Yan because of the bad words in Zhu Yan's mouth, but fortunately his son Shi Ying came to stop him. Under Shi Ying's persuasion, Qiu Shui had to give up punishing Zhu Yan.

Zhu Yan recognized that the previous young master was His Royal Highness, but now it is a pity that the Xuehanwei she picked by herself has been crushed, and Shiying uses magic to restore Xuehanwei to its original state. Yan promises that she will never disappoint Shiying's expectations, and will definitely learn magic to protect Xihuang.

The Longevity Hall of the Jialan Imperial City held a banquet. His son, Shiying, took the initiative to present Qiyao Wuyao to Emperor Kongsang and Emperor Beimian. Angry, he was about to leave the banquet with Qiushui who was not feeling well, but thanks to the persuasion of Empress Bai Yan, the emperor reluctantly stayed. After Qiushui left, the emperor punished him to watch the night for himself in the palace on the grounds that his son made things difficult for Qiushui.

That night, the servant girl in Qiushui Palace asked Shiying to help rescue her sister who was punished. She didn't want Shiying to come to Qiushui Palace but was plotted against by the other party, so that the emperor saw Shiying's sword piercing Qiushui's belly with his own eyes. The emperor was furious and wanted to kill Shiying. The queen heard the news and came to think that it was the merman who slandered the prince with his death, but the emperor who lost his lover didn't believe the queen's words. The queen was disappointed with the emperor in grief, thinking that the fate of Kongsang would be ruined in the hands of the faint king sooner or later.

There was chaos in the palace, and Zhu Yan's father told her that Shi Ying killed the singer of Qiushui, and the queen brought the son to self-immolation in the palace. Zhu Yan blamed herself for causing trouble to the son, and wanted to go to the palace to rescue Shi Ying but was killed. The father stopped him. The fire in the palace was extinguished, the empress was disfigured, and the prince was burned to death. The emperor thought that the prince was an ominous person, so he forbade the people in the palace to set up a funeral monument for him, and asked the palace people to take the prince out to bury him secretly, and deprived Bai Yan of his throne , Distributed to the cold palace.

Zhu Yan blamed herself for losing the Xue Hanwei that Shiying gave her, and Chi Yuan, the housekeeper of the Chifu, retrieved Xue Hanwei. I believe Shiying is a treacherous and evil person. Knowing that he couldn't stop Zhu Yan, Chi Yuan had no choice but to agree to accompany Zhu Yan to sacrifice, so as to protect the safety of the princess.

Before the fire in the palace, Shi Yingben planned to take the queen to leave the palace. Empress Bai Yan gave the jade bone, an ancient magic weapon passed down by Queen Baiwei, to the chief minister of Jiuyi Mountain. , Bai Yan explained that Shiying does not need revenge in the future, as long as he lives well. The commander of Jiuyi Mountain handed over the jade bone to Shiying, and cast a spell to cover Shiying's life star. Shiying vowed that when he finished his studies at Nine Yi Mountain, he would return to Jialan to clear up his mother's grievances.

Zhu Yan paid homage to Shiying in secret, and tears fell down Xue Hanwei, causing Xue Hanwei's cold light to flash into her forehead. Da Siming found out from the fate star that someone had done something for Shiying, and when the yin and yang met, Liulihua appeared, making Shiying have to kill this person. Otherwise, this person will definitely become the person who takes the life of Time Shadow. On the other hand, Zhu Yan vowed to learn the technique of rejuvenating spring with a dead tree, intending to help her son Shi Ying return to heaven.

Many years later, Zhu Yan waited for seven days to see Master Xuanzhen, and she has been devoting herself to asking someone to let Shiying return to the world. Master Xuanzhen believes that the art of returning to the original is the most heaven-defying spell in the world, and he can't help Zhu Yan, so he asks Zhu Yan to go to Jiuyi Mountain for a try. Jiuyi Mountain is the highest place of Kongsang magic, only there can be found the art of bringing the dead back to life.


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