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Qi Heng speculated that after Zheng Duo boarded the ship and designed to get rid of Hu Bai, he accidentally discovered a bag full of money on the deck. He became greedy, so he urgently wanted to get rid of Wang Gui. This not only saved a lot of trouble, but also You can make a small fortune unexpectedly. Following this guess, the case is much simpler to understand. The analysis of Qi Heng and his colleagues was heard by Section Chief Xiang, who immediately reported the progress of the court to Luo Huaigong.

This day was Guo Nian's birthday. Guo Lun went to the amusement park that his sister and brother used to love. He recalled that his sister was so kind to him when she was there, and he felt extremely disappointed. When he returned home unhappy, his brother-in-law was chopping dumpling fillings to steam buns for him. Qi Heng noticed Guo Nian's depression and encouraged him to cheer up. Even if everyone around him thought his sister was gone, they still couldn't give up.

Luo Huaigong heard that the court had speculated that Zheng Duo entered the cabin because someone was paying to kill someone. This speculation was extremely unfavorable to them. Luo Huaigong immediately called his lawyer and asked him to defend Zheng Duo as soon as possible. After thinking about it, the lawyer approached the most famous psychiatrist in Qizhou.

Dr. Dong is the most respected psychiatric expert in Qizhou. When he heard the lawyer's intention, he refused directly at first. However, the lawyer came prepared. He had already investigated that Dr. Dong had an affair with a young female nurse, and several times. A few days ago, when Dr. Dong was on a business trip, surveillance records captured a female nurse sneaking into his hotel room late at night and not coming out of Dr. Dong's room until the next morning. This clue made Dr. Dong break out in a cold sweat, and he was forced to agree to help Zheng Duo make a diagnosis of intermittent mental illness.

The court heard that Zheng Duo had made intermittent judgments, and had vaguely felt that a dark force was about to move. At this moment, they received an anonymous letter, which suggested to the court that Zheng Duo should be evaluated for mental illness again, and as a A doctor who deeply regrets the mistakes he has made.

During the second mental evaluation of Zheng Duo, the forensic evaluation results proved that Zheng Duo was not in a mentally ill state when he committed the murder, and also proved that he was awake and conscious.

Luo Huaigong once again invited Mrs. Guan to see his collection, and asked Xiao Su to perform a show on the spot, saying that a pair of Ming Dynasty vases were worth millions, and he insisted on giving Mrs. Guan this vase when she returned. Mrs. Guan is also a person who has seen the world. She refused again and told them sternly that if there was anything they could do to help, she would do her best and there was no need to give her such an expensive gift.

Only by making the water more muddy can the truth sink quietly to the bottom of the sea. When Luo Huaigong saw that the official wife did not take the bait, he went to Ling Qing's house in person and called Zheng Duo his good brother, hoping that his uncle would show his favor.

Ling Qing's husband was the director of the Procuratorate. He immediately sensitively asked Luo Huaigong what the relationship was with Zheng Duo and how they met. Luo Huaigong avoided the seriousness by saying that he was bullied when he was a child and Zheng Duo had helped him. After hearing this, the director of the procuratorate comforted him. Since it is a people's court, it handles cases for the people. Luo Huaigong could rest assured that he would definitely give Zheng Duo justice.

Luo Huaigong saw that Zheng Duo had no way to develop, so he asked about Qi Heng's backstage background. When he heard that Qi Heng was personally promoted by the director of the Procuratorate, he immediately threw dirty water on Qi Heng, saying that he heard that Qi Heng had a squatter. Families in the detention center. The director of the procuratorate had experienced many battles and naturally knew the medicine sold in Luo Huaigong's gourd. He directly said that the court was using Qi Heng, not his brother-in-law in the detention center.


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