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The police chased Luo Huaigong and found that he was a fake. The real Luo Huaigong had escaped. They quickly launched investigations at every intersection. Qi Heng happened to go to the basement to park his car. When he closed the car door, he noticed something strange on the car window glass and quickly covered his vitals with his handbag.

The person who came was Luo Huaigong. He held a long knife in his hand and stabbed Qi Heng fiercely, only piercing the handbag. Qi Heng had been training all these years and was not defeated. He even beat Luo Huaigong to the ground completely. During the fight, Luo Huaigong cut off the fire hydrant and water splashed everywhere. Luo Huaigong deliberately provoked Qi Heng and said that it was his men who killed Guo Nian. With just a slight push, Guo Nian fell into the pit and broke his neck. This time I really understood the cause of Guo Nian's death. Qi Heng was extremely excited and snatched the ax from Luo Huaigong. Seeing this sinful devil, Qi Heng really wanted to swing the ax at Luo Huaigong. Guo Nian's voice and smile were in his eyes. It was clear before his eyes that Qi Heng was finally defeated by reason. He slashed at Luo Huaigong, but the fire ax fell on his car.

Luo Huaigong was arrested by the police. The secretary of the municipal party committee also reported the entire process to his superiors. After reporting on his work, he met with Qi Heng. He was the one who promoted Qi Heng to become the vice president of Qizhou City. Now he sees that Qi Heng is not living up to expectations. , and felt deeply comforted in my heart. He smiled and asked Qi Heng, if the leader's wife accidentally fell into a smelly ditch, does it have anything to do with the leader? Qi Heng said truthfully that he was not guilty, but he was at fault. Qi Heng's answer satisfied the municipal party committee secretary.

The police investigated Su Han again. Without the protective umbrella, Su Han confessed that Luo Huaigong was afraid that the police would find Wang Peng, so he asked someone to buy drugs that would make people "addicted". Su Han brought these wine and dishes to Wang Peng, and Wang Peng After Peng drank the medicine-laced wine, he immediately got excited and pressed Su Han on the bed. At this moment, Luo Huaigong stabbed Wang Peng in the back with a knife. Su Han saw Luo Huaigong's cold and cruel eyes, and she was extremely frightened.

In the end, the court made a verdict against Su Han. He was punished for several crimes. All personal property was confiscated, political rights were deprived of for fifteen years, and he was sentenced to fifteen years of fixed-term imprisonment. After the verdict, Su Han felt that he had never been so relaxed. Although he entered the detention center, he felt sad in his heart. It feels so comfortable and I no longer have to worry about it.

When the court was convening to examine Luo Huaigong's crime, Qi Heng watched him pass by with his feet shackled and making a heavy sound on the ground. A pair of cold and cruel vulture eyes glanced at Qi Heng. This cold-blooded murderer was undergoing the final sentence. Judgment still had a sense of luck and reminded Qi Heng that he once reached out to save him when the elevator broke down.

The court sentenced Luo Huaigong to multiple crimes and sentenced him to death immediately. The young entrepreneur truly deserved to fall into such a fate. Finally, he comforted the dead Kong Lingji and Wang Peng. Qi Heng watched the fate of this lawless maniac. , his wife’s tragic death of six years can finally rest in peace.

Because the Municipal Party Committee Secretary reported meritoriously, and according to the investigation, he did not know that his wife had done so many things in his name, the organization gave him a serious warning within the party and continued to work in his current position to observe the consequences. . The secretary of the municipal party committee was full of emotions and said that he would definitely work on the front line and make meritorious service to redeem his past mistakes.

Marathon was finally discharged from the hospital. She couldn't wait to visit her colleagues on crutches. This straightforward and brave girl used actions to interpret the professional beliefs of a judge and uphold the majesty and sanctity of the law. I believe there are many judges like Qi Heng and Marathon who have been working on the front line all year round. They hold the law in their hands, try and execute every case with fairness and strictness, uphold justice, serve the people in obscurity, and contribute to the arrival of the "Chinese Dream".


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