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Guo Lun's case was heard again, and Lan Lan attended as a witness. The judge asked her how she could prove that the person who sent her to the hospital that night was Guo Lun. Lan Lan thought about it carefully, and she remembered that there was a black mole on Guo Lun's neck. The lawyer really saw a mole behind Guo Lun's ear, and the court made a final verdict of not guilty to Guo Lun at that time.

Wang Chunlan returned to Marathon's home and cried bitterly when she talked about the cause of her father's death. Her father usually wanted to worship Su Han as a god, so how could he force her to do so? Wang Chunlan once heard her father talking to a neighbor when he was drunk, saying that a little money could solve the problem. There is no need to commit such a big crime. Qi Heng also felt that Wang Peng could not do anything evil to Su Han, so they had to carefully investigate whether what Su Han said was true.

Su Han was called to the security room. The police asked her in detail how she killed Wang Peng. Su Han initially said it was when Wang Peng bent down to pick up clothes, and then corrected it and said it was when he turned around. In short, she looked nervous. Excited again. Wang Mo took a mannequin with similar muscle structure based on Wang Peng's muscle tissue and asked Su Han to pierce it. Su Han could only penetrate eight centimeters at most, but the police found that the fruit knife penetrated Wang Peng's body for ten centimeters. Five centimeters. Obviously, Su Han was not the real murderer of Wang Peng.

Secretary Qi Yong began to put pressure on Qi Heng, hoping that Wang Peng's case would be finalized as soon as possible. He deliberately said that Luo Huaigong had gone through the divorce process and was preparing to marry Su Han. Nothing could go wrong at this juncture, and Luo Huaigong had a good relationship with the municipal party committee secretary. Qi Heng understood what Secretary Qi Yong meant, but he just said that the trial was being expedited.

Su Han thought a lot. Seeing the fate of the previous people who worked wholeheartedly for Luo Huaigong, she knew that it would be too late if she didn't save herself. Now that the police had begun to suspect her, Luo Huaigong would definitely take action as soon as possible in order to clear away the suspicion. Su Han secretly sent the USB flash drive with a lot of evidence copied to Marathon, but was discovered by the person following her.

Luo Huaigong had already arranged for someone to follow Su Han. When he heard that Su Han had handed Marathon a USB flash drive, he immediately asked someone to get the USB flash drive back as soon as possible, no matter what method was used to get it. Marathon was chased by a group of people. She ran desperately to the court, but the people behind her were chasing after her. Qi Heng received the call and rushed to the rescue. Marathon knew that these people were here for the USB flash drive, so it was a pity that she tried her best to protect her. After all, she was bumped into by someone on the road. She went to grab it like crazy. A truck roared from behind. Qi Heng immediately pulled Marathon back. Someone took the opportunity to assassinate Qi Heng, but Marathon protected Qi Heng with his own body.

Qi Heng was sent to the emergency room for rescue. Guo Lun hurried over after hearing the news. Lan Lan was also anxious. After intense rescue, Marathon was finally out of danger. Hearing the news, Qi Heng cried with joy. Luo Huaigong knew that the most critical moment had come. Su Han's betrayal made him more determined to find a scapegoat as soon as possible.


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