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When discussing the case, Qi Heng asked Hou Mingjie if he had found any abnormalities in the community where Zheng Duo was located. Hou Mingjie accidentally said that he had met Wang Peng, and that Wang Peng bought vegetables near the community at a high price and had a lot of food. Hou Mingjie had met Wang Peng before and knew that he was very poor. How could he buy so many meat dishes? Later, he investigated Wang Peng and found that he was working as a security guard in the Dapeng Group. It was better to start with Luo Huaigong, Qi Heng thought it was so interesting.

Sure enough, after detailed and in-depth investigation, the police discovered that Wang Peng had indeed been delivering meals to Zheng Duo for a period of time. It seemed that as long as they found Wang Peng, they would know the boss behind Zheng Duo. The police excitedly told the news to Director Liao, who was bribed by Luo Huaigong. As a result, Director Liao brought the news to Luo Huaigong that day.

Zheng Duo was killed by Wang Peng and Su Han after being stunned with ether. This must not be known to the police. Luo Huaigong decided to get rid of Wang Peng and handed the matter over to Su Han. Su Han saw that Luo Huaigong's methods were becoming more and more cruel, and everyone who might be suspected by the police was eliminated. She knew that she was also a pawn in the boss's hands, and she might die at some point. In the dead of night, she took advantage of Luo Huaigong's absence. As a precaution, I secretly copied a piece of information from my notebook.

The police went to the Dagong Group to find Wang Peng, and were told that Wang Peng had just asked for leave, so they missed the opportunity again. The police couldn't help but wonder if there was a mole. Secretary Qi Yong also kept putting pressure on the Intermediate Court to secure Guo Lun's appeal. In order to get the presiding judge to sentence Guo Lun, he even promoted the presiding judge's son.

Originally, the police were already stationed at Dagong Group, ready to arrest Wang Peng at any time. Unexpectedly, they received a report the next day. Su Han called the police and said that Wang Peng raped her and killed Wang Peng in order to protect himself. This matter was really bloody. Liu Yang, as the chief interrogator, asked Su Han what happened at that time. Su Hanlihua Daiyu said that she went to the security room to see if the replacement had been taken over, but Wang Peng was drunk and took advantage of her, dragging her directly to the bed. When the police were collecting evidence, they found Wang Peng's semen in Su Han's body. Since there were only two people at the scene, Wang Peng and Su Han, they had no choice but to let Su Han go until no other evidence emerged.

Wang Peng's daughter went to the police station to take notes. She firmly believed that her father was not a rapist at all. Her mother died early. Although her father loved to drink, he never did anything harmful. Marathon sympathized with her for losing her mother and her father. , comforting Lan Lan to believe in the law and believe that Qi Heng will give her justice. During the communication between Lan Lan and Marathon, she accidentally said that she was hit by a car a month ago. Marathon was very happy to hear the date. Lan Lan was the witness that Guo Lun was not present.


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