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The police had warned Luo Huaigong closely. Suddenly one day, they received a tip that Luo Huaigong and Su Han were at a high-end garden restaurant. Officer Hou wondered whether Luo Huaigong had met Zheng Duo in the restaurant.

Mrs. Ling heard that it was because Luo Huaigong secretly bought a villa in Jiajia's name. Kong Lingji was now going to report that the municipal party secretary had financial problems. She was very anxious. She was also worried that her daughter would be physically harmed in Macau. Taking advantage of Mrs. Ling's distraction, , Luo Huaigong immediately suggested that it would be best to let Kong Lingji "evaporate" at this time. When Mrs. Ling heard that she was going to kill someone, she was shocked and refused reflexively. Killing was absolutely not allowed, but her daughter's safety was also very important. Su Han quietly walked up to Mrs. Ling and put a recorder on her body. beside.

After Mrs. Ling returned, Su Han immediately called Kong Lingji and deliberately found an excuse to let him return to Qizhou. Kong Lingji lost a large sum of money in the D field and was anxiously waiting for Luo Huaigong to give him money to pay off the debt, so he heard If I want to exchange cash in Qizhou, I rush here without stopping. Su Han has already investigated that Kong Lingji has heart disease, high blood pressure and other diseases, and they are very serious. Luo Huaigong deliberately asked the loan sharks in the D field to collect the debt all day long. At the airport, when Kong Lingji was not prepared, Su Han asked Zheng Duo to replace him. Emergency life-saving medicine, but on the way, after Kong Lingji received a threatening call from a loan shark, he had a heart attack, crashed into the guardrail and died in a car accident.

The police received the call and dispatched the police quickly. Su Han also rushed to the hospital in a hurry. The doctor diagnosed that it was a recurrence of heart disease. Luo Huaigong was very happy when he heard Su Han's report. The thorn in his side had just been removed, and no one would doubt their great meritorious group in the future. They deliberately called Mrs. Ling. Mrs. Ling was very surprised when she heard that Kong Lingji was dead, saying that she did not express her intention to kill Kong Lingji. Luo Huaigong directly asked Su Han to play the recording. After hearing the trimmed recording, Mrs. Ling knew she was being coerced.

Although in the hospital, the doctor diagnosed Kong Lingji with a heart obstruction, the police did not relax their vigilance. They called Mrs. Kong. Mrs. Kong said that her husband’s heart obstruction was indeed serious and she had planned to have a stent inserted. However, she unexpectedly came to Qizhou and caused the obstruction. relapse. The police went to the airport to obtain Kong Lingji's surveillance that day and found that Zheng Duo secretly changed Kong Lingji's suitcase and then followed Kong Lingji's vehicle. Sure enough, it didn't take long for Kong Lingji's vehicle to lose control and install a railing.

With many years of work experience, Qi Heng judged that Kong Lingji's death was premeditated and probably a homicide. Su Han heard that the police went to the airport to obtain surveillance and suspected a man wearing a hat, and was worried that Kong Lingji would be found. Ringgit’s death plot. Luo Huaigong put pressure on Mrs. Ling and asked the municipal party secretary to remove Qi Heng as soon as possible.


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