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Qi Heng returned home. Since the organization had suspended him from work, he had no choice but to work as a "housewife" at home. Officer Hou came to Qi Heng's home as a guest, and then discussed several doubtful points in the case at the dinner table. He always felt that there were endless exposing letters, but nothing about Qi Heng. However, all the favorable evidence disappeared. It was obvious that someone was doing evil behind the scenes. Officer Hou's words gave Qi Heng hope. It seemed that someone in the police station was indeed not confused.

Guo Lun and Marathon discussed that it was best to find Shui Weihong now. Shui Weihong saw someone threatening Guo Nian with his own eyes and almost used violence. Marathon carefully recalled the last time he saw Shui Weihong and found that he had gone to a hotel. After sending a letter, several people immediately ran to the hotel and through the surveillance system, they found that the address where Shui Weihong sent the letter was Hainan.

Through the investigation of Shui Weihong's household registration, he found that he had a brother who was doing business in Hainan, so he followed the clues and really caught Shui Weihong. Let Shui Weihong look at Zheng Duo's photo. Although he seems to know how to cooperate, he is not sure that Zheng Duo is the person who threatened Guo Nian. The police station was brightly lit, and Marathon and Guo Lun were looking for clues non-stop. Guo Lun inquired from many sources and learned that on the day Guo Nian disappeared six years ago, Zheng Duo kidnapped Guo Nian at the playground and then drove to Ma Tou Village. And Guo Lun also investigated that there was only one way to go to Ma Tou Village. There might be surveillance cameras on that road. After Guo Lun searched house by house, he finally saw that day six years ago on the video surveillance of a canteen. , Qi Heng's car was towed to the garage.

Currently, only Qi Heng's car is seen in the surveillance footage. There is also a man taking photos nearby. Marathon speculates that this man must also have photographed Qi Heng, so he and Guo Lun go looking for him. Marathon feels that this man looks particularly familiar. Suddenly I remembered that I had tried an intellectual property case not long ago, and the man was Ding Zhaojun. Marathon contacted Ding Zhaojun and saw Qi Heng in his large number of digital photos. The evidence that Qi Heng was not present is now conclusive.

Qi Heng discussed the case with the police investigators. At that time, Guo Nian's remains were found in a dry well. There were only dead branches and remains in the dry well, and nothing else. Qi Heng thought over all the suspects carefully and suggested that if there was a lot of hair in the dry well, could any of it belong to Guo Nian? Although it was a lot of work, it was worth searching. As expected, the police found Zheng Duo's hair in Guo Nian's hair.

The police station immediately decided to arrest Zheng Duo, but there was a spy in the police station, so they immediately notified Zheng Duo. As a result, when the police went to arrest him, Zheng Duo escaped. Officer Hou reported the evidence currently available to his leadership and requested that Qi Heng's suspension be lifted. After unanimous discussion, Qi Heng's investigation was finally lifted.

Su Han and Luo Huaigong went to a high-end restaurant in the garden together. They went to see Mrs. Ling, the municipal party secretary, and deliberately designed to put pressure on her. He deceived the wife of the municipal party committee secretary into saying that in order to take care of the secretary's daughter Jiajia, she bought Jiajia a villa and luxury car in Macau. Now the insider wants to report the municipal party committee secretary's financial problems. Mrs. Ling was shocked when she heard this and pointed at Luo Huaigong and cursed.


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