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Luo Huaigong instructs his men to pretend to be Guo Nian's classmates, forge scanned copies of Guo Nian's letters and give them to the newspaper president, and then entrust the president to hand these things over to the police. The police saw the scanned copy and asked the president where the letters came from. The president hesitated and couldn't tell the identity of the woman who handed him the letters.

Now some people are questioning that Guo Nian disappeared after domestic violence. The forensic doctor conducted an identification on the body and found that one of Guo Nian's fingers was fractured. The police began to investigate Guo Nian's case six years ago. But Luo Huaigong's assistant had already gone to see the doctor in advance, and deliberately insinuated that Guo Nian's husband was a domestic violence maniac. He also showed the doctor many photos of the scars of domestic violence women. Although the woman in the photos never showed her face, as a woman Doctors always feel resentful when they hear about domestic violence, so not long after, the police found a female doctor to investigate. When the female doctor heard that they were investigating Guo Nian again, she reflexively asked if Guo Nian died of domestic violence. The police heard the female doctor's reaction was very strange, and immediately asked her why she thought of this problem. The female doctor realized that she had reacted violently, so she quickly explained that she didn't know what happened six years ago.

The police went to the court again to find Qi Heng and asked him why he suddenly returned home one day six years ago. Originally, according to the business trip schedule, he could not go back for half a month. Qi Heng admitted that it was Guo Nian's birthday and he took half a day off to prepare for his return. Celebrating my daughter-in-law’s birthday at home. As a result, the car ran out of gas on the road, so we were delayed for three or four hours. It was already past seven o'clock when we got home. Guo Nian was in a very wrong mood at that time. She kept muttering fear in her mouth, worrying that the villagers of Ma Tou Village would be harmed. Qi Heng When asked further, Guo Nian remained silent and did not say a word. Then she dragged her suitcase and wanted to leave home. It was already very late outside. Qi Heng was worried about her condition and did not want her to leave home. The two of them After pushing and shoving, Guo Nian accidentally fell and suffered a fracture. This does not prove that Guo Nian was domestically abused. Later, the police investigated Guo Nian's younger brother Guo Lun. Guo Lun now knows that he is not Guo Nian's biological brother, but even if he is not his biological brother, Qi Heng is still so good to him. From this It can be seen that the relationship between sister and brother-in-law is really deep.

Qi Heng once said that he was delayed on the road for three or four hours. The vehicle ran out of gas and he called a tow truck. The police went to the tow truck company to find witnesses. However, he was bribed by Luo Huaigong's people in advance and lied to the police, saying that he had no memory of six years. What happened before. Some senior leaders were eager to find an opportunity to get Qi Heng to step down. With this clue, they immediately suggested to their superiors that Qi Heng should be suspended for investigation.

At that time, the suspension of the deputy dean for investigation was a big deal. Someone in the police force raised objections. All the witnesses who identified Qi Heng's domestic violence were either missing or missing. They were completely fabricated. Some people deliberately claimed that Qi Heng was given a temporary leave just to protect him, and he could also take advantage of this time to have a good rest.

Marathon was very surprised when he heard that Qi Heng was going to take sick leave. When he learned that the president of the court said that Qi Heng was forced to take sick leave, he felt even more upset. Qi Heng packed his luggage on his desk and calmly faced his colleagues and said that those who are innocent will self-exonerate. He will come back.


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