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Qin Houtu's confession brought a turning point in the trial, but the defender claimed that Qin Houtu had a grudge against the factory because of his injuries, so he deliberately framed him. When Qin Houtu heard what the defender said, his eyes were red with anger. The defense lawyer asked him to provide evidence to prove that what he said was true. The honest and honest Qin Houtu almost choked up. He repeated over and over again that everything he said was true.

Although the defense lawyer tried to use various techniques to weaken Qin Houtu's confession, Zhu Liming submitted a joint letter signed by more than a dozen workers in the workshop, proving that Qin Houtu was indeed injured by a sewage pipe that day, and that the device for filtering sewage was rarely used, and It's not that some worker neglected to reset it.

The witnesses and material evidence are all available, and no matter how eloquent the defense lawyer is, he has no choice but to remain silent. There is no doubt that the chemical plant has discharged pollutants over the years. The director of the Environmental Protection Bureau sitting next to him has a dark face. Next came the issues of judgment and compensation. Luo Huaigong was on pins and needles after knowing the outcome of the trial. He asked his assistant Su Han to bring in the statement and discuss subsequent countermeasures. It was best to resolve the lawsuit as soon as possible to avoid excessive influence of public opinion.

The statement discussed with Zhu Liming to see if they could give each patient's family an additional 100,000 yuan in subsidies, but hoped that they would not tell the outside world that they were sick because of toxic water pollution from the chemical plant. Zhu Liming was extremely angry when he saw the agreement. I feel that the chemical factory is shirking its responsibility, and the 100,000 yuan is obviously hush money. Zhu Liming left the meeting angrily. This mediation was unsuccessful. Qi Heng immediately followed him and asked Zhu Liming to chat in the office aside. He knew that Zhu Liming was devoted to pursuing justice and wanted the bad impact of the chemical plant to attract social attention. Scorning the act of secretly filming, Qi Heng couldn't help but sigh. But the most important thing for the villagers of Ma Tou Village right now is to get compensation so that those who are sick can be treated and recovered as soon as possible.

Zhu Liming did not listen to Qi Heng's persuasion, but instead thought that the other party was "slick" because the mediation failed and Ma Genmu did not receive the compensation in time. Zhu Liming received a call from the hospital that day. Ma Genmu had waited for a suitable kidney source and needed to undergo surgery as soon as possible, no later than 2:30 p.m.

Just when Qi Heng was about to appear in court to read out the verdict, an emergency call came from the city and asked Qi Heng to come over. The county magistrate of Jiang County personally interceded for the chemical factory and begged Qi Heng not to rule against the chemical factory because their county was eager to develop the economy. , now the chemical factory provides hundreds of millions of tax revenue to the county finance every year. Once it goes bankrupt, their county's economy will go backwards, and other companies that want to invest in and build factories will also retreat. The county magistrate of Jiang County held Qi Heng's hand tightly, spoke sincerely, and almost knelt down in a low posture.

In the end, the court ruled that 35 households in Ma Tou Village won the case. Qi Heng, under heavy pressure, resolutely chose justice and sought justice for the villagers of Ma Tou Village. Magenmu died without waiting for the verdict. This incident also dealt a big blow to Zhu Liming. He regretted not accepting Qi Heng's suggestion. If he settled out of court, maybe Magenmu could get the money as soon as possible, and he would not To die so young. Outside the court, Qi Heng and Marathon saw Zhu Liming sitting there and drinking a lot of wine. He regretted his stubbornness. Marathon understood his mood very well and had to comfort him. There were so many villagers in Ma Tou Village, and Everyone can understand him and appreciate him fighting the case for the villagers.


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