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When Qi Wenjing pushed Liu Kai into the sea, Wang Gui, Zheng Duo and Lin Yu saw it. If they didn't stop him, it was equivalent to committing a crime. Wang Gui reminded them that they had become lawbreakers now, so why not follow him to Dengxian together? island.

The ship continued to sail on the sea, but Hu Bai, who was coerced, could not sail the ship at all. In order to make Wang Gui think that he was valuable, he lied to him and said he could drive. According to Lin Yu's confession, Hu Bai and Qiu Ren began to discuss dealing with Wang Gui together, but Hu Bai forgot to turn off the signal prompt sound when turning on the camera. As a result, after being exposed, Wang Gui stabbed Hu Bai to death.

Several people saw Wang Gui's ruthlessness and tacitly understood that only by getting rid of Wang Gui could they have a chance of survival. In the process of killing Hu Bai, Wang Gui suddenly found a luggage bag full of money. , his eyes suddenly turned red. With this money, he could live happily ever after, so he threatened Qiao Wenjing to run away with him.

While Wang Gui was not paying attention, Zheng Duo helped Qiao Wenjing and Lin Yu do homework, so that the cash in the package could be divided equally between the three of them. Lin Yu did not agree with them killing people to survive, but at the moment there was no way There was no better way. At first, Lin Yu turned on his mobile phone and prepared to record a video to prove that they were in legitimate defense. As a result, when Zheng Duo made his move, he was discovered by Wang Gui. Three people were fighting against one. Soon, Wang Gui was restrained by Zheng Duo. Qi Wenjing picked up the knife on the ground and inserted it straight into Wang Gui's heart.

Zheng Duo began to think about his next countermeasures and devised stories one after another in an attempt to escape the punishment of the law. At first, Qi Wenjing lied that the man was mentally ill and that he jumped into the sea himself, and then the three of them came together Killed Wang Gui. The three men agreed to conspire together.

The gasoline on the boat had been burned out, and they couldn't drive it, so they had to let the boat drift with the current. During this period, they also drifted to a desert island. After getting some fresh water, they returned to the boat and continued to drift. When they were dying, they waited for a lifeboat.

Lin Yu's retraction in court allowed the case to be transferred directly to the prosecutor's office for retrial. Marathon ran into Qi Heng while running on the beach. Qi Heng asked her to help pick up his brother-in-law Guo Lun home tomorrow. Marathon rarely did the tasks ordered by his boss. She objected, but she didn't understand why Qi Heng didn't pick up his brother-in-law in person. Qi Heng cleverly changed the topic and sent the location of his home to Marathon.

Guo Lun was brought home by Marathon in a depressed mood. Over the past few years, things have changed. When he saw the familiar bedroom, Guo Lun lay on the bed sadly. When Marathon came to Qi Heng's home for the first time, he saw a photo of Qi Heng's wife and a photo of Guo Lun and his sister, and realized that Qi Heng was once a high-spirited young man.

Qi Heng got off work early, bought some ingredients and cooked by himself, making a table full of dishes. Marathon was a young man, so he tried his best to ask Guo Lun to have a good meal, but Guo Lun didn't appreciate it. He found various shortcomings in every dish, and Qi Heng Heng did not get angry in the face of unreasonable criticism and criticism, and casually said that if his wife saw his brother, she would definitely hope that he would eat more. This sentence stung Guo Lun even more. Guo Lun threw down his chopsticks, pointed at Qi Heng and said that he was not worthy of mentioning Guo Nian, and asked Qi Heng why Guo Nian was broken due to domestic violence.

Marathon was also shocked when he heard this. Qi Heng has always been a good person in the workplace. How could he domestically abuse his wife? Qi Heng reminded him not to speak in such a tone, and he had never domestically abused his wife. Seeing that the two were arguing, Marathon took the initiative Act as a mediator and try to clarify misunderstandings between them.


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