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The Caiyun Villa property purchase project had been unfinished for four years. The home buyers couldn't bear it anymore and finally petitioned. The Municipal Party Committee Secretary learned about the matter and openly discussed the solution at a meeting. The procuratorate, court and other political and legal departments are all here. They know what happened at Caiyun Villa. The debt problem involves too many and is complicated. There is not a penny on the books and the debt is insolvent. The municipal party committee secretary is not satisfied with their complaints and asks them to come up with a solution. , and emphasized that law enforcement must be open and transparent, holding a press conference to let the parties understand the decision and evidence collection process.

After returning home from the marathon, her best friend celebrated the half-year anniversary of her post and brought her a delicious celebration cake. Marathon was very moved and wished her best friend on the spot, hoping she could find a better man than Liu Yang. Her best friend asked her what she wished for, and Marathon said emotionally that she hoped to be a good person in this life.

In the case of Caiyun Villa, the political and legal department decided to resolve the case through mediation after reaching an agreement. All the judges in the group were tasked with organizing collegial panels to discuss how to recover the victims' losses. Based on the current situation, Qi Heng decided to use house money as compensation, which is distributed directly in cash. In this case, the issue of priority in obtaining compensation will arise. Whether the construction party or the purchase price should be compensated is still a question. The collegial panel group raised objections. Some people suggested Priority should be given to compensating the construction party, so that construction can be completed as soon as possible, and the construction party not only has funds for raw materials, but also workers' salaries, etc. Qi Heng's opinion is to give priority to compensation for the purchase price and cite the law. In the end, everyone voted by a show of hands, and most of the judges supported the priority of compensating home buyers with the auction proceeds of the house. , Luo Huaigong heard about this, and Qi Heng was disgusted. He had invested 20 million in Caiyun Villa. He originally wanted to buy a piece of land, but found that he had made a mistake. When Long Guohao died, the capital chain was completely broken.

Luo Huaigong directly invited Qi Heng to meet for tea. The place of the invitation was a very elegant place. He insinuatedly reminded him that those who understand current affairs are heroes, and it is more important to stand in line. He also told an allusion to Di Renjie's case. Qi Heng knew what he meant. , Taishan responded calmly, Di Renjie is a talent, and Wu Hou only reused him. Otherwise, his life would have been in danger. It is better to do things right than to stand in line. Doing the right things can turn disasters into disasters. In a society governed by law, no one should think about it. Take advantage of the loopholes.

Soon, the court received a case of a farce at a wedding banquet. The groom, Gao Dengshui, and the bride had just met on a blind date website for a month, and they discussed holding a wedding. In order to make the ceremony grand, Gao Dengshui spent a lot of money to hire many extras, but during the toast, During the session, some accidents occurred. Some of the extras suffered from occupational diseases and acted as pickpockets to steal the red envelope from the bride's mother's bag. Others were drunk and talking nonsense, which resulted in a physical collision.

Someone called the police, and the police quickly rushed to the wedding banquet to learn about the situation. In this short period of time, a police call came from the hospital, saying that Jiang Zhengxin had stabbed someone with a knife and stabbed the doctor Jiang Zhengxin. In court, the groom Gao Dengshui said that he soon spent 400,000 in cash to buy a kidney from Jiang Zhengxin. At that time, Jiang Zhengxin promised that he would recover after the kidney transplant. However, after the kidney transplant, Gao Dengshui found that the transplanted kidney could not be used at all.


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