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Qi Heng could understand Marathon's mood. He talked about some of his previous experience in the industry. He had encountered a similar case. The evidence was conclusive and the person involved should be sentenced to death. However, after the verdict was handed down, the family members of the criminal refused to give in. , I have been petitioning, and I have repeatedly declared that I must kill Qi Heng. Although it was very painful at the time, law enforcement must be strict, and violations of the law must be prosecuted. We must enforce the law impartially, not misjudge any good person, and resolutely not allow the most heinous criminals to go unpunished.

With Qi Heng's enlightenment, Marathon felt much more at ease. She once thought she was a murderer, but recalling that they swore to uphold the dignity of the law when they joined the company, Qu Xiaoyan died in vain. A young and beautiful life died innocently and tragically at the hands of the devil. Subordinates, it is a crime for this kind of scum to be alive and will bring harm to more people.

Finally, when the court opened, Marathon solemnly read out the verdict: Xiong Jianlin committed a cruel crime against the victim after the attempted rape. Therefore, he was convicted of intentional homicide, plus extortion, and sentenced to death for several crimes. He was deprived of political rights. lifelong.

After the verdict was issued, the case was transferred to the Procuratorate for review and confirmation. Soon the Procuratorate reported that Xiong Jianlin's death penalty had been approved. According to the law, Marathon is required to personally supervise the execution of the sentence. According to the scope allowed by the law, Xiong Jianlin can see his parents for the last time. Marathon asked Xiong Jianlin if there was anyone he wanted to see. Xiong Jianlin categorically stated at first that he didn't want to see anyone, but on the day of execution, Xiong Jianlin nervously asked to see his parents.

At this time, the execution vehicle was about to start. Now the temporary change of the plan would bring many unexpected changes. Marathon heard Xiong Jianlin's request and tried his best to help him realize his last wish, interceding with the armed police officers and allowing him to see his parents. A few days ago, Xiong Jianlin was arrogant and disapproving, but when his life entered the countdown, he began to repent. He knelt in front of his father and cried bitterly. He knew that he was unfilial. His parents should have been able to enjoy family happiness in their later years, but instead they had white hair and black hair. Send people.

When the vehicle was about to start, Xiong Jianlin knelt on the ground and admitted his mistake to everyone present, saying that when he mistook Qu Xiaoyan for Wang Chunlan, he really wanted to kill her to silence her, so he lied in court. Seeing Xiong Jianlin suddenly awakening in the heavy rain, Marathon's heart trembled. She was still young and sometimes knew the majesty and sanctity of the law.

By executing Xiong Jianlin's case, Marathon had a psychological obstacle. When she was playing Werewolf, she heard people saying "killing" and her heart was filled with ripples. The next day, she submitted her resignation to Qi Heng. Report.

Qi Heng knew that Marathon must not have overcome the hurdle in his heart. He encouraged Marathon to cheer up. After reading for so many years and studying for so long, he should not give up when encountering a slight setback. These days, Marathon has been encouraged by Qi Heng. The experience and life philosophy of her predecessors finally allowed her to get out of the bottleneck. Marathon got back her resignation letter. She told Qi Heng that she gave her a hug when she came out of the funeral home. Xiong Jianlin's urn, a living person turns into two kilograms of ashes in the blink of an eye, so when you are alive, you must respect life and not do anything harmful to nature. Qi Heng added that if Qu Xiaoyan knew, he would be very grateful to her.


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