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Xiong Jianlin secretly took naked photos of Wang Chunlan. Liu Yang and his assistant went to Wang Peng's home to discuss compensation. Wang Peng was shocked when he heard the word "compensation" and immediately asked who he wanted to compensate and how much. Seeing Xiong Jianlin's cowardly look, Liu Yang couldn't help but laugh. In Wang Peng's heart, he thought that he was lucky to be acquitted, but he didn't know that he was a victim. Liu Yang explained that according to the law, Wang Peng could ask for some compensation from Xiong Jianlin, and also Within reason.

During the further investigation of Xiong Jianlin, the police discovered several fraud cases. He lied about being a property maintenance worker and went deep into high-end residential areas. Then he knocked on the owner's door. He chose a time when the male owner was not at home, and then forced women to take off their clothes. He took off his clothes, took nude photos, and then used the nude photos to blackmail the other party. Once, the amount was as high as 100,000. Xiong Jianlin found that such a method of committing crimes could not only commit sexual assault but also extort money without being discovered. He felt very comfortable, so he committed the crime again and again.

By chance, Xiong Jianlin heard that Wang Peng had received hundreds of thousands of demolition funds, and he became evil and wanted to kidnap Wang Chunlan. As a result, he followed the wrong person at night. In a panic, he was kicked by Qu Xiaoyan and injured his lower body. Xiong Jianlin became angry and cruel. Killed Qu Xiaoyan. Xiong Jianlin hurriedly got on the bus to escape, and suddenly saw Wang Chunlan wearing the same clothes. He was distraught, so he left Wang Chunlan's photo on his mobile phone and quickly fled to another place to hide.

Once the whole story is fully understood, Xiong Jianlin will be sentenced next. That night, an uninvited guest came to Qi Heng's home. Director Lang, who was quite powerful in the local area, came to visit, hoping that Qi Heng could be open to Xiong Jianlin. When it came to greetings like this, Qi Heng was always business-like and his integrity was inviolable. After Director Lang left, Qi Heng saw the bank card Director Lang quietly left behind through the gap in the sofa, and immediately ran downstairs to return it in person.

Luo Huaigong couldn't wait to get Qi Heng into trouble. After seeing Qi Heng return to work easily, Luo Huaigong started his little tricks again. He asked his men to investigate the strong backgrounds of the two women who Xiong Jianlin had raped, and wanted to pass these Put pressure on Qi Heng.

Soon, the Discipline Inspection Commission received a letter of report. The whistleblower was Huang Feixing, the deputy director of the Water Management Bureau. The person reported was Lang Yueping, the chief director of the Water Management Bureau. He was accused of corruption. After taking office, he engaged in garden construction and reduced 70% of the original land. The courtyard walls and leisure facilities were destroyed and repurchased. It was Lang Yueping's relatives who received the project. Through these projects, Lang Yueping suddenly had a villa and a huge amount of property. The Municipal Party Committee received the report letter and attached great importance to it, preparing to hand it over to the Discipline Inspection Commission for serious investigation and punishment.

The two women Xiong Jianlin had sexually assaulted were Ding Ping, the daughter of Deputy Director Ding of the Municipal People's Government, and Lang Yueping's mistress. Now to accuse Xiong Jianlin of a crime, the victim's testimony is needed. At first, Deputy Director Ding and Lang Yueping disagreed. Now Lang Yueping is double-checked. His adopted mistress received a call and asked her to go to the police station immediately to identify Xiong Jianlin.

Another person received a strange phone call that day. The other person reminded Ding Ping on the phone that he should go to the police station to report the crime immediately, because Lang Yueping was detained for covering up the crime. Ding Ping was worried that her reputation would be ruined, so she took a lot of sleeping pills. When Deputy Director Ding heard that her daughter had committed suicide, she was so angry that she fainted on the spot and was sent directly to the ICU where her life was in danger.

It was late at night, Qi Heng was still working overtime in the office, and had no idea what was going on around him. Zhang Yanjun deliberately revealed the matter to him. Qi Heng heard that Ding Ping had taken a large amount of sleeping pills, and Mr. Ding was also seriously traumatized. He was very Surprised, he immediately went to the hospital to visit, but Zhang Yanjun deliberately said that in order to ease the deadlock, he was willing to accompany him.


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