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After returning home from get off work, Zhang Yanjun told the regret of not becoming the vice president of the court. His wife asked if Qi Heng had a stronger background. Many people said that he had a backer. In the impression of the couple, only someone above him had a backer. Only in this way can we "progress" faster. Therefore, Zhang Yanjun is particularly attentive and enthusiastic every time he receives a call from an important person.

Haitang accidentally learned that Qi Heng had personally sent her brother-in-law to the detention center. She checked the Internet and found that Qi Heng's brother-in-law was celebrating his sixteenth birthday on the day he made the mistake. According to the law, if he is not over sixteen years old, he only needs to Just make civil compensation. At that time, Qi Heng was still the president of the provincial criminal court. It was easy to fish out his brother-in-law. However, Qi Heng did not do so. He told his brother-in-law to tell the truth, so the brother-in-law confessed truthfully in court. What happened after blowing out the candles, then he was admitted to the detention center. When Qi Heng talked about this, he was very fair. He said that as a legal person, you must seek truth from facts. Once you loosen your mind, you will become more and more distant from fairness in the future.

Therefore, Qi Heng went to the Public Security Bureau in person to find Liu Tie, who was in charge of the case. Liu Tie was also confused about Wang Gui's use of a false identity. He stepped on the boat using a false identity and then killed three people in a row. It's obviously inconsistent with the facts. If he deliberately concealed it, why did he kill three people on the boat. Also, according to the survivor's account, the three of them collaborated to kill Wang Gui, and the three people described Wang Gui's appearance in different ways.

Not only was there something suspicious about Wang Gui, but also Qi Wenjing. In court, Qi Wenjing blurted out that he deserved the man's death, but later, according to the confession, Qi Wenjing's man jumped into the sea and died. Why bother with the word "deserve it".

During the second trial, both Qi Wenjing and Zheng Duo pleaded guilty. When the prosecutor asked Lin Yu, Lin Yu's expression was very tangled and struggling. Finally, he mustered up the courage to say that things were not what Qi Wenjing and Zheng Duo said. Haitang immediately stopped writing when he heard these words. Lin Yu continued that the wind and waves were very strong that night, and the captain tried his best to dissuade them from returning to the voyage at first, but Wang Gui disagreed and insisted on continuing the voyage.

Someone among the passengers recognized Wang Gui. His real name was actually Wang Guiping, a robber who robbed a bank. Since he was exposed, Wang Gui kept on reminding them that according to the original plan, he was going to Dengxian Island to sit there. The black ship escapes. Therefore, the captain was forced to continue sailing. During the sailing process, the captain was killed by Wang Gui because of his lack of cooperation.

Before the trial, the court had investigated that Qi Wenjing had been subjected to domestic violence all year round, so Liu Kai's death was also problematic. As a result, Lin Yu really told the story during the trial. Liu Kai was killed by Wang Gui because he wanted to secretly press the alarm. Found out, Wang Gui broke off one of Liu Kai's fingers.

Qi Wenjing bandaged up Liu Kai, but Liu Kai began to beat Qi Wenjing because of hatred in his heart, and became more and more excessive. Qi Wenjing could not bear the humiliation, and pushed her into the sea in despair and anger. At that time, the ship was sailing in the vast sea and had no position at all, so Liu Kai was in danger.


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