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Qu Xiaoyan's case will be heard in three days. The superior leader told Qi Heng to pay attention to the impact. The trial itself is not difficult, but the relationship behind it is complicated and the public opinion is large. Qi Heng knew what to do. He made a detailed investigation and went to see Qu Huairen in person.

Qu Huairen once made great contributions to urban reform and construction. The inexplicable tragic death of his daughter had a great impact on society. Qi Heng went to see his superiors and admitted that the case was still under trial and that a temporary adjournment was part of the legal process. Nowadays, society has decided to make the case handlers responsible for the cases they handle for life, and every judge must hear the cases fairly and be fully responsible. In order to reassure the leader, Qi Heng took the initiative to take responsibility and he will be the presiding judge in this case.

Back in the criminal court, Qi Heng told everyone that Liu Yueyang and Wang Mo would continue to be jurors, and the presiding judge would become himself. Marathon understood that Qi Heng had placed himself at the forefront, and privately pulled Qi Heng aside and asked him who he was. It's not that she doesn't have trust in her. She was originally responsible for this case, so she should be responsible to the end. She didn't want Qi Heng to shield her from the wind and rain. She studied so many cases and took so many exams just to uphold justice and stick to it. original intention. Qi Heng has made a decision and told Marathon to have confidence in him.

Luo Huaigong secretly spent money to buy many people, disguised as college students, and interfered with law enforcement. On the day of the trial, he deliberately gathered near the court and demanded that Wang Peng be executed. Sitting in the office, Qi Heng heard his subordinates report the situation at the door of the trial, and asked the bailiff not to stop them, as long as those students did not interfere with the order of the trial.

The case entered trial, and the presiding judge Qi Heng asked the prosecutor to express his opinion in accordance with legal procedures. The prosecutor believed that Wang Peng had criminal motives, and his vest was found at the scene of the incident. At first, Wang Peng confessed to the crime. Wang Peng’s defender believes that there are many doubts in this case’s identification of Wang Peng as guilty of intentional homicide. No fingerprints or sweat stains of Wang Peng were found on the victim at the scene, and the wooden stick inserted into the victim’s body did not have any fingerprints or any stains of Wang Peng’s. trace.

The debate between the two sides was confusing, but the defender's legal analysis was very thorough. The prosecutor also felt that there were some loopholes in his testimony. The defender analyzed that the dust on the vest was very dry, which was in sharp contrast to the mud at the crime scene, indicating that the vest had been dropped on the sidewalk. , was picked up by someone, and was deliberately thrown away at the scene of the crime after the murder. In order to confuse the public, there was also the pair of leather shoes. Wang Peng's daughter gave them to him just five days ago. He was usually reluctant to take them out to wear, and similar leather shoes. At that time, more than a hundred pairs had been sold on the market, but the prosecutor did not investigate the whereabouts of the one hundred pairs of shoes, so it cannot be inferred that Wang Peng was wearing them that day.

After synthesizing all the information, Qi Heng declared in court that there was insufficient evidence and acquitted Wang Peng. When Wang Peng was allowed to speak, he repeatedly repeated the words that he had not committed any murder.


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