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The judge took out the photo found at the scene and asked if the vest belonged to Wang Peng. Wang Peng saw the photo and found the vest when he was picking up rags. There was also a pair of shoes found at the scene. These shoes were Wang Peng's daughter. I bought it for him personally, and I usually don't want to wear it.

Marathon also summoned another party, a self-employed person who sells Chuan Chuan Xiang. That night, Wang Peng drank at this Chuan Chuan Xiang stall. Before leaving, the boss saw Wang Peng leaving with a torn vest. That day Wang Peng seemed very happy and told him that he had encountered a happy thing, but Wang Peng did not say what happy thing it was.

The prosecutor asked him what good things happened to him that day. Wang Peng trembled and said that he picked up a lot of rags. Seeing that the collegial court was about to start deliberating on Wang Peng's sentence, thinking of his lovely daughter, Wang Peng began to recant his confession, saying that on the day of the incident, he did not Wang Peng was not wearing the same pair of shoes that appeared at the scene. Wang Peng's sudden retraction made Marathon Sensitive feel there was something wrong. The defender on the side began to remind him sternly that going back on his words in court would have bad consequences.

Wang Peng first said that he wore the pair of leather shoes on the day of the incident, and then said that he did not wear them. The food stall owner also said that Wang Peng always wore a pair of rag shoes and had never seen him wearing any new or expensive shoes. . Wang Peng didn't know what consequences his statement that he didn't wear leather shoes would have on his sentencing. In addition, Marathon asked a few questions in detail. Wang Peng's answers were all wrong. Later, even he began to collapse. , cried loudly on the spot and said that he did not kill anyone and that everything he said before was false. He also had a daughter who was still young and could not bear the thought of her daughter not having a father.

The court reversed the confession of the party concerned, and the prosecutor immediately suggested adjourning the case and setting a date for retrial. Marathon agreed with the prosecutor's suggestion and the case was temporarily adjourned. The victim's family members were very indignant when they heard that the case was adjourned for retrial and criticized the judge's decision. In the collegial panel organized by the court, the leaders heard about the proceedings of the trial. Even Marathon analyzed that Wang Peng had the motive and time to commit the crime. The suspect himself was also a dangerous member of society, saying that even if he made zero confession, Wang Peng's crime would be unpardonable.

Luo Huaigong also heard about Qu Xiaoyan's case. He said with great interest that as long as the court makes an improper judgment on Wang Peng's case, the social impact will be great. The more muddy the water is, the more beneficial it will be to them. Luo Huaigong also quietly changed Other lawyers defended Wang Peng.

Soon, a cousin who called herself Qu Xiaoyan found Professor Yan, Qu Xiaoyan's former head teacher, and said that Xiaoyan respected Professor Yan very much and bought gifts many days in advance. She was originally going to give them to the professor on his birthday, but there was no chance. Professor Yan saw how expensive the birthday gift was and refused to accept it at first, but Qu Xiaoyan's cousin argued that Xiaoyan would be uneasy if she knew that the professor refused to accept the gift, so Professor Yan had no choice but to accept it. In fact, this so-called cousin of Qu Xiaoyan is an impostor, pretending to be Luo Huaigong's subordinate.


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