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Luo Huaigong began to think about taking over the land bought by Long Guohao. He ordered his men to ask a middleman to take Long Guohao to dinner, but Long Guohao did not give him any face and did not mention the price of the land at the dinner table.

After his subordinates reported to Luo Huaigong, Luo Huaigong decided to see him in person. When he saw Long Guohao, he was not in a good temper. He directly showed the transfer agreement to Long Guohao. The price of the land was not high. Long Guohao said disdainfully. Throwing the transfer agreement on the table, Luo Huaigong gave him a money order of 20 million. In the real estate industry, Luo Huaigong is also one of the top figures. Long Guohao quit when he saw the opportunity, and Luo Huaigong got the piece of land as he wished.

The middleman who introduced Long Guohao and Luo Huairen to him at the beginning was Qu Huairen, the commander-in-chief of the old city reconstruction. Luo Huairen got the land and made a special trip to Qu Huairen to express his gratitude. At this moment, Qu Huairen received a call from the Public Security Bureau. He was anxious when he heard that something happened to his daughter. Rush there immediately. Arriving at the scene of the incident, Qu Huairen only saw his daughter's cold body.

Qu Huairen woke up from the hospital, and the police came to investigate. Qu Huairen searched for suspected enemies one after another, and he targeted the drunkard Wang Peng. Because there were problems with the demolition of the old city, Wang Peng went to Qu Huairen several times, trying to increase his share of compensation. Qu Huairen acted in accordance with the rules. When Wang Peng saw that the other party did not satisfy him, he threatened to make their family live in peace and make his daughter suffer. What a disaster. Just a few days after Wang Peng's threatening words, something happened to Qu Huairen's daughter. How could it not be related to Wang Peng? Soon the police took Wang Peng to the Public Security Bureau for questioning.

Wang Peng was confused. He repeatedly stated that he had not committed murder. Soon, a lawyer met him quietly and offered him attractive financial offers to admit the murder. Wang Peng was already penniless and had a daughter in school. As a last resort, he proposed that he could admit to murder, but not to rape. He could not let his daughter be pointed at and ridiculed as the daughter of a rapist in the future.

Qu Huairen's daughter had just passed away, and Long Guohao's overseas funds were also in trouble. His Caiyun Villa project was unfinished, and many people spent a lot of money to buy houses but were unable to make ends meet, and the delivery date was far away. Long Guohao couldn't withstand the pressure and jumped off the building. Although he died, Luo Huaigong Company was also implicated. He had just signed a transfer contract for Long Guohao and paid the other party a large amount of materials and payment. It would be difficult to get it back now. .

Because the victim was a woman, Marathon became the presiding judge in the case of Qu Huairen's murdered daughter. Qu Huairen's daughter Qu Xiaoyan was still a sophomore student with very good grades. On the day of the incident, she accidentally passed by the construction site and was forced to use a sharp knife. The dagger was inserted into Xiaoyan's abdomen, and Xiaoyan bled to death. The process was very brutal. At the court hearing, Marathon asked Wang Peng some questions carefully. Wang Peng insisted that he had killed Qu Xiaoyan. As the problem deepened, Wang Peng's rhetoric began to be full of loopholes. On that day, Wang Peng claimed that he was drunk and had murderous intentions towards Qu Xiaoyan because he had harbored a hatred for Qu Huairen for a long time.


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