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When Luo Cheng heard that his behavior constituted theft, he was so frightened that he cried on the spot. At that time, Luo Cheng's brother also claimed that he had indeed found the lost helmet and compensated the victim for the loss. However, the prosecutor's office pointed out that the recovered helmet was not necessarily the same as the customer's lost order, so his behavior still did not conflict with the crime of theft.

Marathon held a discussion with several judges. She felt that Luo Cheng's behavior was more like job embezzlement and could not be treated as the crime of theft, because the crime of theft involves trying every means to obtain money from others, while Marathon took advantage of his position to "take advantage of others." , and before the plaintiff filed a lawsuit, he had compensated the victim at the original price. Therefore, after deliberation, Luo Cheng was finally acquitted. After the legal verdict was read out, Luo Cheng cried excitedly.

At the end of the trial, Luo Cheng's eldest brother excitedly stuffed a pile of money into Marathon's hand. His younger brother was acquitted in the second trial, which made him cry with joy. Marathon immediately refused. She admitted that she enforced the law impartially and just did what she should do. Luo Cheng will work down-to-earth from now on, and must strive for what he likes through his own efforts. After this trial, I believe Luo Cheng will be useful in his life.

Ma's mother was always worried about her daughter's marriage. She finally met a young man who was excellent in all aspects and immediately urged Marathon to go on a blind date. Marathon has been involved in several difficult cases recently, including a telecommunications fraud case. The blind date was also a little absent-minded. The blind date man seemed to have been guiding Marathon to talk about his work. He was very interested when he heard that Marathon was trying some telecom fraud cases recently. After the blind date, the blind date man gave Marathon a very expensive gift.

Marathon quietly converted the gift into RMB and stuffed it into the man's bag. The next day, the blind date man went to the court to find Marathon. He was very polite and offered to go to the court to observe the momentum of Marathon's trial. Marathon agreed immediately. Suddenly, a colleague recognized the blind date man as a relative of telecom fraudster Zhao Meng. After quietly whispering this secret to Marathon, Marathon immediately became vigilant and kept distance from the blind date man.

The blind date man was finally exposed, and he immediately pulled Marathon, begging for a reduced sentence for his brother Zhao Meng, and kept pestering him. Qi Heng happened to see him nearby, and immediately stood up to protect Marathon, asking the blind date man to back off, and solemnly reminded him to forcefully interfere with the judge again. When the case is heard, the person will be detained on suspicion of obstructing the performance of official duties. Finally, the blind date man stopped behaving obscenely, the trial was conducted in accordance with the regulations, and Marathon made a legal verdict based on facts, so the First Criminal Tribunal won the award honorably. Afterwards, Qi Heng still had lingering fears when talking about the incident. It seemed that he would have to be careful when meeting blind dates in the future.

Marathon was busy working while recharging his batteries to prepare for the exam. The post exam was about to take place. After dozens of days and nights of hard preparation, he finally succeeded and passed the exam. At the same time, Wang Mo and Niu Lao also passed the exam. The three of them excitedly high-fived each other. They were perfect partners at work and perfect study companions during exams.

Qi Heng took Marathon to the University of Political Science and Law to talk about some advanced legal cases and knowledge. The University of Political Science and Law is their alma mater. Marathon was very excited when he heard about it. As a senior, this opportunity is very memorable.

Qi Heng explained to the students at the University of Political Science and Law the significance of the law, which is not just sentencing, but maintaining the fairness and justice of the law, focusing on educational significance. Punishment is not the law itself, but an important factor in maintaining social virtues and achieving social harmony and stability. tool. Qi Heng spoke more broadly, while Marathon's speech was more lively and humorous. She cited small things that happened around her to teach her fellow students her experiences and lessons.


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