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After the trial ended, Qi Heng, Marathon and Wang Mo began to discuss the characterization of Ding Lili's case. Although Marathon sympathized with Ding Lili's experience, Qi Heng analyzed the situation based on the on-site investigation and concluded that Ding Lili was the first car he hit when he hit the car. At that time, he had no idea of ​​stopping. He stepped on the accelerator and accelerated away. It was an obvious hit and run. When he hit a third and fourth car, he still did not stop. Instead, he set it to reverse gear and wanted to continue driving in reverse. Driving until the vehicle breaks down, it is forced to stop. All these situations can be characterized as endangering social safety.

Finally, Ding Lili was accused of committing a crime of endangering social security by dangerous means, and he was sentenced to death according to the penalty, suspended for two years, and deprived of political rights for life. After the trial, Qi Heng and Marathon met Ding Lili again. Ding Lili surrendered. He sighed with tears. After becoming famous, he felt that he was the most tired and loneliest in the world. He had practiced day and night to become a company and make money. The bargaining chip, now that I have finally experienced setbacks, I have begun to realize that I have been swallowed up by desire. This trial made him re-examine himself and see his mother's care and love for him.

Hearing Ding Lili's emotion, Qi Heng felt very sad. He had to tell him over and over again that there were many, many people who liked him in the world, far more than those who were indifferent. He hoped that Ding Lili could cheer up.

Qi Heng and Ouyang He chatted together. The two of them had been talking to each other in court. Even though they had little contact in life, they always admired and cherished each other. Qi Heng made no secret of his opinion of him and thought that Ouyang He was uninterested. Being the early one, Ouyang He drank down the wine in his glass and said lightly that he is no longer the same person as before. Before Ding Lili's case, he had been diagnosed with lung cancer.

Feng Baichuan was eventually sentenced to death for the crime of producing and selling toxic and harmful products, with a two-year suspended sentence and all property confiscated. 66 was very pleased to hear the news. He said that he never thought that Qi Heng helped him eliminate this hidden danger. Although the hidden danger was eliminated, he was quite interested when he heard that Qi Heng was still investigating where Feng Baichuan got the production license from. Although he complained, he still wanted to get rid of Qi Heng as soon as possible.

The first criminal court where Marathon was located solved several major cases in a row. She was very happy and immediately invited the whole group to drink white fungus porridge. While Niu Ting sipped the porridge, he casually said that she was being attentive for nothing, so there must be something wrong. Marathon smiled, indeed she would be transferred to the Second Criminal Court from now on. Niu Ting was very sorry that such a successful assistant was transferred away like this.

Soon, Marathon held a court hearing on Luo Cheng for theft. Luo Cheng, as a courier sorter, took advantage of the convenience of his job to secretly steal a world-renowned brand of helmet courier. The marathon began the evidentiary process. Luo Cheng said frankly that when he saw this helmet, he knew it was very expensive. His brother liked this kind of helmet, because the next day was his brother's birthday, and Luo Cheng wanted to give his brother a surprise. I brought it back to my brother for his birthday. Unexpectedly, on that day, the helmet was taken away. Luo Cheng contacted the owner and wanted to pay cash compensation, but the courier company had already called the police.


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