At this moment, Ling Yi was furious and raised the sharp knife in his hand, ready to stab Zhou Xiaoyue's heart fiercely. When he was about to strike, he still couldn't bear to kill the person in front of him.

At this moment of hesitation, Gu Jiaqiang rushed to the scene to fight with his good brother, and prevented him from abusing lynching. When thinking of Cai Yanfen, he remembered what his girlfriend said to him at that time. At this time, Ling Yi was about to turn around and start a new life. He put down his pistol and raised his hands to turn himself in. However, at this critical moment, the sniper outside the door He aimed the gun at him, and shot directly to the heart, and the people around him fell to the ground like this.

It was too late when Jian Yaoyang and Qiao Baobao arrived behind him. Gu Jiaqiang just watched his good brother fall in a pool of blood but was still powerless. After Jian Yaoyang chased him out, he found that the sniper outside the door had already escaped. Without a trace.

After that, Zhou Xiaoyue was successfully sent to the hospital for treatment, and she was only mildly frightened and there was nothing serious about it. Zhou Changsheng on the side also assured her daughter that she did not do anything to hurt others After that, Jian Yaoyang and Qiao Baobao also found Zhou Changsheng, and found the suspect who was at the scene of the crime at the door, and the other party was also pretending to be calm and chewing betel nuts at the door.

After returning home, Gu Jiaqiang also reported to the officers some things that he was arbitrarily asserting at the time. Qiao Baobao also spoke for his good friend. He knew that the other party was a person who paid attention to feelings but would definitely be fair and just. Fang Guoxi also He continued to accuse Gu Jiaqiang aggressively all the time, no matter what Zhang Kejian said, it was useless, and continued to argue with him, and firmly proposed to stop Gu Jiaqiang's work immediately.

When going out, Qiao took Nan and Jian Yaoyang together, and he also expressed that he believed in what his good brother said. When Baby Qiao came out and saw Jian Yaoyang, his deadly enemy, she immediately expressed her dissatisfaction with him, and Gu Jiaqiang also It means that I just want to simply help Ling Yi to recover his own justice, and then I will let other people deal with it without complaint.

After that, Du Xiaojie also brought Cai Yanfen's younger brother Cai Jianlong to the police station to accept the transcript. The other party also said that since the death of her sister, her brother-in-law has become very decadent and will help rich people as part-time bodyguards. I also inadvertently learned about a rich man secretly changing his heart.

When Jian Yaoyang was driving back, he also received a message from Gu Jiaqiang, and learned of a video sent by Ling Yi before his death. In addition to the other two doctors, there was also a neurosurgeon named Tan Jiade who had contacted him. , Qiao Dainan also investigated the data and explored the other party's information, and directly informed Jian Yaoyang of the other party's specific location, and he quickly drove to the residence to investigate the scene.

Unexpectedly, when Jian Yaoyang pushed the door and entered, he found that the other party fell directly in a pool of blood. He sensed that something was wrong and hurriedly chased him out and shot each other with the killer outside, and then the two of them were still holding the sharp weapon in their hands Fight alone.

Jian Yaoyang was accidentally scratched on the arm by the other party. Just when the gangster wanted to put him to death, Gu Jiaqiang rushed to the scene and rescued his good friend. The two also severely punished the gangster in front of him, and directly killed him He fell to the ground unconscious.

When the gangster was taken to the hospital, he was ready to take everything down, and he didn't want to reveal Zhou Changsheng, the instigator behind the scenes. Jian Yaoyang was going to show his last trump card after seeing his situation, and then he called to inform his subordinates Play a play with yourself and let the gangster tell the truth directly.

On the other side, Zhou Changsheng packed up his things and prepared to flee with his daughter, but Zhou Xiaoyue refused to leave with his father and insisted on telling him where his heart came from. Seeing that there was no other way, Zhou Changsheng had to tell everything. However, when leaving, the daughter did not agree to leave with her father, and was about to go to the police station to confess the truth, but she was hit by a car on the road and fell unconscious.

After that, Zhou Changsheng was invited to the police station, but he didn't want to admit what he committed, and he proudly expressed that he had plenty of money. At this time, people outside also informed his daughter that the rescue in the hospital was invalid. Zhou Chang was so angry that he broke down in tears after hearing about the situation of his death, and explained everything directly.

The murder case finally came to an end, and Gu Jiaqiang was successfully reinstated because of this incident. After he left, he also warmly invited his good brother Jian Yaoyang to have a good meal with him.

Later, when Jian Yaoyang came home, he found that his mobile phone was left at home. Unexpectedly, his sister threw it into the washing machine and washed it. At this time, he kept complaining that he could not hear the voice recorded by Qiao Baobao in the future. Still can't sleep.

On the second day, Gu Jiaqiang called and invited Jian Yaoyang to dinner together. Qiao Baobao also took a seat under the leadership of Qiao Dainan, and reconciled with Jian Yaoyang. Unexpectedly, the other party secretly recorded and deliberately Make trouble, and successfully drive Baby Qiao away. In this way, at night, Jian Yaoyang can continue to fall asleep listening to Baby Qiao's voice again.


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