After returning, the members of the Invisible Team also checked the background of the kidnapped Dr. Lin Weiliang, and found that he came to Hong Kong this time to represent DC Pharmaceuticals to attend the pharmaceutical exhibition. The pharmaceutical company also said that he had indeed received a letter of complaint from Amati three years ago, and had not received any other threats other than that, nor had he had contact with other terrorist organizations. Gu Jiaqiang's subordinates were also at the scene A second search of the situation was completed but found nothing.

The surveillance cameras at the scene did not capture the appearance of the suspect, and even Du Xiaojie and the others did not see the criminal's face when they fought against each other. Easily avoiding all the shots, Gu Jiaqiang firmly believes that he must have an accomplice secretly helping. Jian Yaoyang analyzed that he found that the suspect was using close combat techniques. From this, he inferred that the suspect had received professional military or special police training, and he planned to investigate whether there were retired soldiers or police officers at the scene. In the end, they also The suspects were locked on three people.

People around also found that the last Ling Yi was about the same height as the cleaner. Gu Jiaqiang on the side recognized him as his former colleague after listening to him. He also firmly believed that Ling Yi was an upright person. After he didn't go to work today, Jian Yaoyang also locked the identity of the other suspect, and was about to bring him back for investigation. After that, the police were ready to go to the destination and opened the door of Ling Yi's house, but found that there was no one inside.

Lin Weiliang was being tied up in a secret room by Ling Yi, unable to move, and the other party kept forcing him to tell the truth about Cai Yanfen's murder, and then Lin Weiliang told Zhou Changsheng that everything was arranged by Zhou Changsheng under torture. Qiao Baobao on the other side also found Zhou Changsheng's door and asked about some past events between him and Lin Weiliang. After leaving, Qiao Baobao also realized that the other party had a major connection with Lin Weiliang's kidnapping case.

After returning, the members of the invisible team discovered some truths that Zhou Changsheng concealed through investigation materials, and then they planned to continue to find Lin Weiliang to find out the real reason of the matter. When Gu Jiaqiang met Jian Yaoyang, he was directly prepared to chat with him face to face He also said that he didn't want to favor his good brother, but just wanted him to get some fairness and justice. After the two of them explained the matter, Gu Jiaqiang went out alone to find his good brother, and the other party also admitted that he was the one who kidnapped Lin Weiliang. After hearing that he wanted to detain him, he sneaked away while he was not prepared. , When Gu Jiaqiang went back, Jian Yaoyang was also afraid that he would be suspected by others, so he deliberately sent his good brother away from the investigation team.

When Xing Feng went back, he also saw Zhou Dali sending a message to remind him to take medicine, but when she turned around, she found that the medicine bottle was no longer on the sofa. Under the reminder of the maid, Xing Feng also hurried to his mother's room to continue looking for it. medicine, and lied directly to her. During the daytime, Gu Jiaqiang also noticed that something was wrong with Xing Feng, and saw the message sent by Zhou Dali. Seeing that the matter could not be concealed, Xing Feng also told the truth. Removed from the group.

When Lin Weiliang was locked in the house alone, he took advantage of the time when the people next to him went to buy food, and secretly cut the rope with an iron object to escape, but was knocked down by a big car on the road, and then he was also killed by the owner of the car. Sent to the hospital. After Ling Yi learned of the situation, he disguised himself as a doctor and ran over to hurt Lin Weiliang, but Qiao Baobao and Jian Yaoyang noticed it, and then the three fought in the elevator, and Jian Yaoyang also stepped forward to fight with each other, but finally let The other party fled, and he also discovered through comparison that the figure of that person was not like Ling Yi himself, but his accomplice. Later, Qiao Baobao also connected some clues together through investigation, and discovered the truth about Cai Yanfen's murder that year. She hurriedly took Jian Yaoyang to the scene to investigate the situation.

On the other side, the doctor who helped Zhou Changsheng's daughter came to ask for money again, and threatened with Cai Yanfen's affairs. After Zhou Changsheng returned, he notified the people next to him to continue to deal with Lin Weiliang. However, at this time, his daughter Zhou Xiaoyue was suddenly taken away by others. After receiving the news, Jian Yaoyang and Qiao Baobao chased them out in a car, but they were still thrown away by the people in front.

At this time, Gu Jiaqiang was also driving the car out to do errands, and happened to meet his good brother Ling Yi who fled the scene in the car, and he hurriedly chased after him. After Ling Yi tied Zhou Xiaoyue into the house, he also made a video call with Zhou Changsheng, planning to take out his girlfriend's heart in front of him.


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