After Du Xiaojie and Qiao Baobao finished shaking hands, she went up directly to compete secretly with the person in front of her. Qiao Baobao also heard her unfriendly tone, and responded unceremoniously.

Jian Yaoyang at the side sensed that the atmosphere was not right, he hurried forward to pull the two rivals away, and yelled at Du Xiaojie at the side to go back to work, then turned around and told Billy that he had promised to testify that Qiang Shao was the mastermind Qiao Baobao, the other party also reminded him not to reveal his full name, and this murder case was finally coming to an end.

The recent En'an International Medical Exhibition has to help with the security work arrangements for a large-scale event. Fang Guoxi also learned through the information that an anti-medical hegemony organization called Aimedi is openly opposing this event, and this organization has been in public for two years. He has sent many threatening letters to different medical groups, and his words are very rude.

There is a Singaporean medical product company in the list of exhibitors this time, and they have also received complaint letters from those people. Zhang Kejian also suggested that the Stealth Mission Strategic Force should first complete the background investigation of all exhibitors this time and give a report, so that they can Do a risk assessment in advance and then determine the manpower arrangement.

After Du Xiaojie sat down, she was troubled by the matter of Baby Qiao, and Qiao Dainan on the side comforted him kindly, but Du Xiaojie viciously warned him not to be troublesome.

At this time, Jian Yaoyang stayed by Baby Qiao's side all the time, showing hospitality all the time, but the other party still treated him indifferently. Then, when he received a call, he quickly informed everyone to start action. When everyone was ready, The members also came to the venue, lively and relaxed.

Soon Chief Jiang stood up and said a few words to everyone. He also hoped that everyone could work together to maintain social order. After that, everyone sat down and had fun.

Du Xiaojie ran to Jian Yaoyang's side again and continued to follow behind his buttocks, Qiao Baobao walked away consciously, sat on the sofa and chatted enthusiastically with Xing Feng and the others, and invited her to sit directly, Xing Feng then Realizing that Qiao Baobao and Gu Jiaqiang were very familiar, the two of them became embarrassed. Fang Guoxi, who was next to her, was also sitting with Chief Jiang. When she saw the person next to her get up and leave, she started to piss off Zhang Kejian who was sitting next to her, and said that he deliberately stole the limelight at today's meeting, and the other party did the same. He didn't take these sarcastic remarks she said to heart.

When Fang Guoxi was about to go out, Xing Feng stood up and said hello. She didn't forget to remind her daughter to pay attention to the external address, and reminded her to promise to answer herself.

In the venue, Qiao Dainan deliberately pretended to be drunk in order to promote the relationship between Jian Yaoyang and Qiao Baobao, but there was no progress.

On the second day, Fang Guoxi saw that her daughter hadn't answered her, so she directly handed in the resignation letter for her. Xing Feng was very angry when he heard it, and left without looking back. After that, she also continued to arrest her. gangster.

Unexpectedly, Xing Feng was accidentally injected with HIV while detaining the gangster. After returning home, she did not explain the situation to her superiors, and asked Zhou Dali to keep it secret for herself.

Jian Yaoyang, who was in the office, took advantage of Baby Qiao's absence and secretly ate her things. Then the two of them took the elevator together. He even secretly recorded the other party's angry voice and took it home to listen to.

After that, Xing Feng has been taking medicine on time under Zhou Dali's reminder. Gu Jiaqiang on the side also saw the intimate behavior between the two people and thought they were dating. Individuals should pay attention to the occasion.

After explaining everything, the members of the invisible team stared at the crowd in the exhibition separately. Not long after, Jian Yaoyang also noticed a very suspicious cleaner in the crowd, and he immediately took Du Xiaojie to catch up forward.

When they entered the warehouse, Du Xiaojie was knocked to the ground by the cleaner with an electric prod. After they chased them out, they did not see any suspicious person. At this time, Dr. Lin also disappeared, and the suspect also avoided All monitors were removed and he was tied into a secret room where he could not move.


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