Qiao Baobao was shot in the leg and sat on the ground unable to move. Jian Yaoyang quickly rushed over and prepared to take her away quietly. Unexpectedly, he was quickly discovered by these gangsters, and he also confronted them unceremoniously. And shot down the opponent with precision.

Qiao Baobao on the side was also shot and passed out. Jian Yaoyang was ready to take her away after seeing it. Xing Feng next to him was also unconscious and leaned against the tree. Gu Jiaqiang also contacted the team members from the headquarters to come as soon as possible. For the reinforcements, Jian Yaoyang kept running forward with Baby Qiao in his arms and was very worried about her condition. In the headquarters, when Fang Guoxi heard that someone was injured, she was also very worried about the safety of her daughter Xing Feng. She also told the people around her to prepare for work as soon as possible. Qiao Dainan is also very worried about her sister's condition, and has been keeping her safe.

When Fang Guoxi came to the car and was about to leave, she received a call from Minister Jiang and learned about the sending of two injured team members to the hospital. Thinking of her daughter, she began to cry uncontrollably again.

After the ambulance arrived, Jian Yaoyang also carried Baby Qiao into the car, and kept caring for him in the car. At this time, Baby Qiao was sweating and unconscious. Suddenly, she seemed to have a dream. In the dream, she was wearing a beautiful wedding dress and was happily staying with Jian Yaoyang. Qiao Dainan also rushed to the hospital. After seeing Jian Yaoyang, she directly asked about her sister's whereabouts.

On the other side, Xing Feng, who was lying on the bed, woke up from a coma. She sat up and thanked Gu Jiaqiang for her help. The other party also kept telling her to take good care of her body here, and insisted that doing all this own responsibility.

When Xing Feng closed his eyes and lay on the bed, he also noticed his mother coming to his bed. Fang Guoxi was not as serious as usual at this time, and directly exposed his vulnerable side, stroking the wound on his daughter's forehead, She almost shed tears, and then she turned around and went out to answer the phone and left the ward.

After Baby Qiao woke up, she found that her brother had been by her side all the time, and Jian Yaoyang next to her was also by her side. Qiao Dainan even went out on purpose to give the two of them a separate space to enhance their relationship, but there seemed to be no relationship between the two of them. any progress.

After Jian Yaoyang went back, the sister beside him did not forget to tell him to bring some food for Baby Qiao. At this moment, the doorbell rang, and it was Du Xiaojie who came in. She greeted the woman in front of her enthusiastically, but However, the other party treated her with a look of indifference, and directly transferred the abalone she sent to Baobao Qiao to make up for his body.

After that, Qiang Shao was also successfully captured by the members of the invisible team. When he returned to the police station, he had not cooperated with his work. Du Xiaojie quickly walked in and deliberately stimulated him to reveal the criminal evidence.

After Xing Feng recovered from his injury, he returned home and sat with his mother for dinner. She apologized to her mother directly, but the other party continued to argue with her, and hoped that she would think about the answer in her heart. When Xing Feng sat on the bed, he remembered the words his father said to him when he was still alive.

During the day, Xing Feng suddenly met Gu Jiaqiang hugging a middle-aged woman outside, and mistakenly thought that the other party was eating young grass. After Gu Jiaqiang sent his sister away, he was hugged tightly by his mother. Staring, she also directly asked her son to take the good things at home to Qiao Baobao to promote the relationship between the two. Although the other party kept explaining that they were just ordinary friends with her, the people around him still couldn't hear anything.

After Xing Feng and Qiao Baobao met, she directly told the other party about Gu Jiaqiang's promiscuity, but he still knew about it. Gu Jiaqiang drove to find Xing Feng directly, and was ready to have a good talk with her. Unexpectedly, the misunderstanding deepened. When Xing Feng knew it was a beetle, he also understood that he had misunderstood the other party all along, and apologized to him.

When Qiao Baobao and Jian Yaoyang returned to the team, they were praised by the officers, and Qiao Baobao was also invited by the officers to work in the invisible team.

After Du Xiaojie saw Baobao Qiao, she also went to the bathroom to freshen up and make an introduction to the person in front of her.


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