Soon, Baobao Qiao and the others received information that a man had jumped from the roof of the Sun Moon Building, so she hurried over with her people. When the police car arrived at the scene, Baobao Qiao stepped forward and found that Uncle Gen had fallen In the pool of blood, she knelt down and picked up the note tightly held in the opponent's hand, only to find that he committed suicide.

After returning home, Qiao Baobao was very unhappy. She even helped Uncle Gen and the others take care of the funeral, and sadly pushed all the responsibilities on herself. Qiao Dainan also explained Uncle Gen's It wasn't the younger sister's fault that she died, but Baby Qiao still cried bitterly and refused to forgive her behavior. In her opinion, if Uncle Gen's daughter could be saved at that time, he would not have died, and it was because of his negligence that they all died. He promised her that the invisible team would seek justice for the deceased and track down the murderer to the end.

On the second day, Du Xiaojie deliberately asked Billy to meet, and the other party bought her a limited-edition bag directly and unceremoniously, and wanted Du Xiaojie to be her girlfriend. Instead of being dazzled by the sweet talk of the other party, he wanted to invite him to drink a glass of wine. After they drove away, other people followed closely behind. When they got to the room, the two of them were also drinking, and Du Xiaojie lied about going to the bathroom to send out a message. Unexpectedly, at this time, Billy suddenly found that his mobile phone was missing, and he hurried to the bathroom Looking for Du Xiaojie, the other party saw that he was about to be exposed, so he had to continue to play hard. Unexpectedly, Billy went straight to search for him. At this moment, the subordinates next to him also found his mobile phone, and Du Xiaojie quickly took advantage of the chaos and escaped.

After she went back, she also handed over the clues she got to the invisible team. After watching the video, Jian Yaoyang and the others also saw the scene of those people bullying Zheng Jiajia at night, but these were not enough to convict the other party. While racking his brains to find a solution, Billy suddenly sent a message to Du Xiaojie to invite her to the swimming party. Jian Yaoyang also ordered Du Xiaojie to deliberately provoke Billy, and then sent someone to protect her closely .

When Fang Guoxi came home, she happened to bump into her daughter Xing Feng. After she sat down, she also expressed that she wanted her daughter to live a good life and stop thinking about being a policeman, but Xing Feng refused. She wanted to fulfill her father's expectations of herself, and be a good policeman who did harm to the people. After seeing her daughter leave, Fang Guoxi looked at the photos for a long time, and recalled the situation when the family of three stayed together. When Xing Feng went back to bed to sleep, she began to suffer from insomnia again. She looked at the photo and hugged her again, expressing that she missed her father very much.

On the second day, Gu Jiaqiang continued to train his students on the training ground. On the other side, Du Xiaojie also went to the swimming party with Billy, and she deliberately looked indifferent to the people in front of her. Jian Yaoyang also brought Xing Feng to the swimming pool to meet them. Jian Yaoyang was inside but deliberately pulled Du Xiaojie to put on a good show in front of Billy, and they deliberately humiliated Scale and the people around them in front of other people.

Qiao Baobao also found the video of Zheng Jiajia being followed by someone on the other side. After watching the video, everyone also found that the follower had tattoos on his arm, and he was also Keng Shao who was at the swimming party at that time. On the other side, Qiang Shao suddenly had an unfortunate childhood nightmare while he was sleeping. He then called and told the people around him that he was going to attack Xing Feng tonight. After Xing Feng went out, the members of the invisible team realized that their target was Xing Feng, but it was a little late to realize it now. At this time, she was walking on the road, but someone was quietly following her behind, and Gu Jiaqiang was so strong. Knowing that Xing Feng was in danger, he was also the first to rush out to help.

When Baby Qiao was sitting in the car, she noticed the hand of a man with a tattoo next to her. She suddenly thought of something, and hurriedly told the driver to follow the car in front. Gu Jiaqiang and the others on the other side were also riding the car is following closely. Afterwards, Qiao Baobao also met Xing Feng smoothly. The two of them were together in the alley where they could not see their fingers, but they were suddenly knocked down by an unknown object next to them. After that, Gu Jiaqiang and others also rushed to the scene, but found took Xing Feng and Qiao Baobao's mobile phones.

Fang Guoxi was also directing everyone's actions in the invisible team, and they successfully found the parking lot. At this time, Qiao Baobao and Xing Feng were tied up in a dark room by Wuhuada, and the people around them woke them up with cold water. He continued to play the killing game. When the game was over, Gu Jiaqiang rushed to the scene in time to kill the opponent, and took Xing Feng to hide in front of the tree. However, at this critical moment, Gu Jiaqiang's pistol ran out of bullets, and he rushed forward alone. Taking advantage of his unpreparedness, he knocked down the person next to him, and Baby Qiao on the other side was also seriously injured in his leg, bleeding profusely.


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