At the counter-terrorism intelligence team meeting, Fang Guoxi also found out that they did not sell arms to terrorists in Eastern Europe based on the suspects’ confessions, and there was no evidence that terrorists entered Hong Kong. At present, although the identity of the assailant has not been identified, Fang Guoxi and the others suspect that the assailant should be an active user of the dark web. Now she has sent people to keep an eye on all the dark web sites about firearms or hunting captives, and she also believes that there will be rapid progress. In Officer Chen's view, destroying an arms trafficking group can be regarded as rewarding. The person next to him said that the clue was provided by Qiao Daina, and she was going to transfer Qiao Danan to the stealth mission strategic force.

When the meeting was over, Gordon also knew Fang Guoxi's true character. In his opinion, the other party didn't think Qiao was too good at taking care of her daughter, but wanted him to use his own strength to prove that he was qualified to join the stealth mission strategic force. No one questioned that it was Jian Yaoyang Fake public affairs for personal gain. However, after Fang Guoxi heard what he said, he felt that he didn't need to explain to the other party how to recruit colleagues, but Gordon just wanted to thank her for giving Qiao Danny a chance to perform, and the other party insisted that he wanted to take a look. After Qiao brought her daughter in, is she capable of staying?

After that, Gordon also held a press conference smoothly. Qiao took her to stare at the phone for a long time and was very excited. Baby Qiao hadn't seen his brother smiling like this for a long time. For Qiao Dainan, all the informants who can solve the case are obtained from him. Although he didn't mention his name, he doesn't care. The important thing is that he has a part in solving this case. . Gu Jiaqiang on the other side also rushed over. He brought black coffee and apologized to Qiao Dainan. Qiao Dainan didn't think too much about what prevented him from investigating before. He knew that the invisible team was famous strict.

While everyone was talking, Jian Yao Yangyan suddenly appeared, and Qiao Dainan hurriedly yelled for him to sit with everyone. When the other party sat down, he continued to feel sorry for the fact that he hadn't succeeded in getting Qiao Dainan into the invisible team. , but Fang Qiao directly interrupted his friend. When he learned from Jian Yaoyang that he could successfully join the invisible team again, he was very excited. Qiao Baobao on the side was also very happy for her brother, and she also directly ordered Jian Yaoyang to protect his brother's safety. When Qiao brought her into the invisible team, he was no longer like the little brother who ordered milk tea, and he would not listen to anyone around him at all.

When A Feng was eating, he was teased by Zhou Dali who deliberately dropped a beetle in his rice bowl. Afterwards, Gu Jiaqiang took Zhou Dali to the training ground to be punished and warned him to let him go. Afeng overcame the shadow of childhood and worked hard to become a real policeman.

When Qiao Baobao got into the taxi to pray for safety, he just got into the car of his student Zheng Jiajia. Afterwards, the two sat down to eat and chat together. I told Baby Qiao, but the other party didn't care much and thought she was thinking too much. At night, when Zheng Jiajia had an accident, Baby Qiao blamed himself very much. On the other side, Qiao led her into the invisible team, and Jian Yaoyang also took her good brother to the conference room and introduced them to other colleagues around her. commanded the task.

In the morning, Gu Jiaqiang led other students to train hard, and they accidentally found Zheng Jiajia's body on the side of the road. Soon, Zheng Jiajia's father was crying in pain after seeing his daughter's body. The middle daughter is very well-behaved, but unexpectedly something happened today, and Qiao Baobao burst into tears. She also promised the old man next to her that she would definitely seek justice for Zheng Jiajia. Later, Qiao Baobao found Jian Yaoyang and asked him to follow her. I went to a place by myself.

After returning, the staff of the stealth team locked the target on the suspect Billy through some clues. Jian Yaoyang took Du Xiaojie and two people to sneak into Billy's party and race cars together. They also used this opportunity to successfully get each other's hair. It was determined that he was the murderer, but because of insufficient evidence, Du Xiaojie approached Billy deliberately to lure him into the bait.


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