When it was dark, Jian Yaoyang drove the car alone on the road, and recalled the scene of four good friends getting along together. At that time, everyone did not break up, and they sat together at the wine table and toasted each other. , and took a photo of the four of them. However, during a mission, the relationship between the four people was broken. Jian Yaoyang, who was shooting at the time, found someone behind Qiao Dainan. In a critical moment, in order to save the life of his good friend, he immediately shot without hesitation. Wounded his leg and let the bullets behind him miss.

After that, Qiao Dainan's leg was also amputated to save his life. Gu Jiaqiang also walked up to Jian Yaoyang and said that he injured Qiao Dainan two years ago because he was going to be an undercover leader. , and now he just happened to complete the task, and joined the stealth mission strategic force. After listening to it, Qiao Dainan tried his best to explain to Jian Yaoyang that what happened two years ago was just an accident. Qiao Baobao stepped forward to remind Jian Yaoyang to let him live in peace, and stop harming Qiao with his daughter. The people behind him continued to point their noses and blame him for being a selfish and shameless person.

After the memory was over, Jian Yaoyang also drove the car to the destination and met Du Xiaojie smoothly. The other party also noticed that something was wrong with him, so he hurried over. In Jian Yaoyang's view, he wanted the other party to delete the app. Don't continue to protect yourself. Unexpectedly, Du Xiaojie continued to follow the other party's ass, and took out the drink she brought from her pocket to relieve him. Later, when the two were fighting, Du Xiaojie also went to Jian Yaoyang's house to take a bath. After taking a shower, she deliberately dressed very thin to attract the other party's attention, but Jian Yaoyang was unmoved at all, and pointed at her at the door in the kitchen. direction.

At this moment, Jian Yaoyang's older sister rushed over. After entering, she was surprised to see Du Xiaojie who was wearing thin clothes. Unexpectedly, her younger brother directly introduced her as the nanny at home. The older sister also firmly refused to believe it, and she couldn't help being angry. quarreled with Du Xiaojie because of his temper. On the other side, Qiao Dainan and Qiao Baobao sat down to eat, and he also directly transferred the living expenses to the other party, and was still angry with her. Seeing Qiao Dainan still standing towards Jian Yaoyang, Qiao Baobao angrily accused him of being used by others. have no idea.

At this moment, news about the female corpse was broadcast on the TV, and the anti-terrorism intelligence team also found out the real identity of the woman. In Qiao Dainan's view, the case was also involved in the underworld, but the people around him were unwilling to believe him. After that, the anti-terrorist intelligence organization held another meeting, and Jian Yaoyang also reported the situation. A group of terrorists called Caucasian Eagles appeared in Eastern Europe. They regarded killing as a game. The dead who were killed had one thing in common, the left hand The ring finger was cut off, and the deceased was also caused by two different types of firearms, each fired at a different distance. This also suspected that terrorists had arrived in Hong Kong. After hearing this, the officer directly handed over the case to the Stealth Team .

After the meeting, Qiao Dainan also ran to Jian Yaoyang to analyze the information he had obtained with him. Jian Yaoyang was very satisfied with his friend's performance, but he knew clearly that Qiao Dainan's younger sister, Qiao Baobao, did not agree with him joining the invisible team. After returning, Qiao Dainan discussed his own affairs with everyone again. Although the people around him dissuaded him, he insisted on doing it according to his own ideas. After that, he also went to meet Fang Guoxi under the leadership of Jian Yaoyang, but he was not welcomed by the other party on the spot. After going out, Qiao Dainan was dejected and didn't answer the phone, but when he was sad, the two good friends next to him came back again. Continue to come out and encourage him.

Jian Yaoyang was also very uncomfortable after going back alone. He had a nightmare and dreamed about Qiao taking his daughter's broken leg, and he was shocked. After going back, Qiao Dainan still did not give up investigating the case, and then accidentally injured herself during the investigation. When Jian Yaoyang came to visit him, Qiao Baobao and Gu Jiaqiang started to conflict with him again, and finally The person on the bed started to get annoyed. After Qiao took her daughter up from the hospital bed, he also ran to the anti-terrorism intelligence team meeting and told everyone present the clues he had found. The stealth team also set off immediately to catch the suspect. Under Jian Yaoyang's design, The suspect is also ready to call himself out.


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