Jian Yaoyang and Qiao Baobao soon had a fierce gun battle. Qiao Baobao was also shot in the arm during the fight and bled profusely. The other party took this opportunity to flee the scene with Hei Zai and took him to the bathroom. In the bathroom, Jian Yaoyang picked up a bucket of cold water after tidying up his clothes, and unceremoniously poured it on Hei Zai next to him, waking him up and asking where the goods were, but Hei Zai woke up. With a blank face, he expressed that he didn't know anything. Jian Yaoyang saw that he had been deliberately pretending that he didn't know anything, and pressed his head hard to threaten the other party. The whole world was looking for him. If he called him Tell the other party his location, and he will not survive tonight.

After hearing this, Hei Zai was also frightened. He quickly refused, and was about to say something. It turned out that when he went to the clubhouse to pick up Mei Ling from work that night, he overheard Brother Ying Wu drinking two more glasses of wine and saying something. He has a batch of very fierce goods, and because he lost hundreds of thousands in Macau before, he wanted to steal something to subsidize, but he didn't know that the matter would be so serious. That batch of goods was not only fierce, but also sold to terrorists. After hearing what he said, Jian Yaoyang also understood that the other party knew where the old den was. , but was going to take him to see the so-called Brother Yingwu.

Qiao Dainan also learned about Qiao Baobao's injury from his colleagues, so he rushed to the hospital to check his condition. After knowing that the other party was injured by a neutron bomb, he wanted to call while running to ask Jian Yaoyang why he shot Qiao. Baby, the team member Gu Jiaqiang on the side directly said that it was Jian Yaoyang who wanted to kill Qiao Baobao directly, and he was spared by pushing the opponent away in time. He was also very angry, and Qiao Dainan always believed in Jian Yaoyang. The conversation between the two was also heard by Qiao Baobao, who immediately expressed that she did not want to hear Jian Yaoyang's name. After that, Qiao Baobao went back to the room to check the scene at that time. At this moment, Jian Yaoyang didn't want to hurt himself, but shot the gun at the person standing in another position.

Jian Yaoyang handed Hei Zai to Brother Yingwu and asked him for money. Brother Yingwu also readily agreed. At this time, Hei Zai didn't care about face, and kept kneeling on the ground begging for mercy. However, at this moment , but a strange woman Du Xiaojie broke in from the outside. She calmly stepped forward to inquire about the whereabouts of the goods. Seeing that Brother Yingwu kept talking hard, Du Xiaojie unceremoniously fired at Jian Yaoyang next to him to warn the people in front of him. Brother Yingwu was also frightened a lot. Jump, and quickly revealed the exact location of the goods. Unexpectedly, Jian Yaoyang and Du Xiaojie revealed their identities as policemen on the spot, and they were going to take them back to the police station to receive punishment.

After returning home, Du Xiaojie also carefully bandaged Jian Yaoyang's wound, and the other party was finally relieved after being an undercover agent for two years. After that, Jian Yaoyang received another important task. Du Xiaojie was on standby as a sniper on the roof at any time, and even aimed at the target person. At this moment, Jian Yaoyang was downstairs in plain clothes and mixed with the crowd, sitting and talking with the delivery person. , and continued to delay the time.

After the two people delivered the goods, the person who picked up the goods was still worried and wanted to experiment with the people next to him. At a critical juncture, Jian Yaoyang couldn't care less. He rushed directly to stop the people next to him from drinking drugs. The sniper next to him Also started to act, Jian Yaoyang rushed to kill all directions in the hail of bullets alone, and he also assuredly handed his back to Baby Qiao who was beside him. In the end, the gangster was finally subdued, and Qiao Dainan rushed over with joy on his face and successfully met Jian Yaoyang himself, who then drove away in a car.

Since Hilda knew that her daughter had encountered a dangerous situation, when she returned home, she immediately tried to dissuade her from resigning and going home immediately, but her daughter insisted on not agreeing, and her dream is to be an outstanding police. After Jian Yaoyang went back, he also saw the text message from Qiao Dainan. After that, the two good friends also sat down to drink afternoon tea and chat happily. After finishing the work, Qiao Dainan led three other good friends to sit down with Jian Yaoyang. Unexpectedly, Qiao Baobao and Gu Jiaqiang on the side still did not choose to forgive Jian Yaoyang as always, and pulled Qiao Dainan away in public.


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