The landlady, Mrs. Chen, suddenly went to observe the room rented by Qiao Dainan and the others, and told them to vacate the room to renovate the house. She also emphasized that she originally planned to take the house back when it was due, but her grandson waited She will give birth next week, and my daughter wants to be closer to take care of her.

After that, she continued to persuade Qiao Dainan and Qiao Baobao to move out of the house as soon as possible. When Qiao Dainan heard that the landlord only gave him a two-week period, he became angry and blamed the people next to him He didn't tell himself to pack up his things a month ago, and Mrs. Chen was still chattering and arguing next to her, resolutely refusing to think it was her fault, and Baby Qiao also agreed to move out in a week.

After Qiao took her away, they began to worry about how to pack all the things away for a week, but Qiao Baobao didn't think so. She still wanted to find a house in her free time.

On the second day, Qiao Dainan found out that the girl he had been secretly in love with had fallen in love with someone else. He was very disappointed, and accidentally dropped the small gift he had carefully prepared on the ground, and the surrounding atmosphere suddenly became embarrassing. Woke up, at the critical moment Du Xiaojie came forward to pick up the things quickly, and said with a smile that they were given to her, successfully helping Qiao and her daughter resolve the crisis.

When Xing Feng was alone in the office, the colleagues around her were all courteous to her, and enthusiastically offered all their good things. Xing Feng also felt that something was wrong, and she also noticed that Zhou next to Dali, and ruthlessly dragged him out, the people in front of him had no choice but to tell the secrets to his colleagues around him, and Xing Feng also kept blaming Zhou Dali for being a big mouth. On the other side, Sister Qiao was buying fruit at the street stall and was still greedy for cheap, but she accidentally fell to the ground when she was walking. It happened that Baby Qiao passed by and helped her back home. I am going to continue to go out and be busy looking for a house. When Xing Feng saw that there was no name of her own in the competition, she still suspected that Gu Jiaqiang deliberately discriminated against herself, and when she wanted to complain to the people on the phone, she accidentally sent it to Gu Jiaqiang, who also understood what she meant, He also explained that Xing Feng's report may be a carrier. If he falls down and bruises during the game and bleeds, it may be transmitted to other companions. After hearing what Gu Jiaqiang said, Xing Feng understood The truth is that they have misunderstood each other all the time.

Afterwards, Gu Jiaqiang also took her to the training ground for training. The two of them competed together. Gu Jiaqiang also unceremoniously won against Xing Feng, leaving her speechless. Just as she was about to leave, Xing Feng accidentally bumped into a beetle again, and jumped directly to the officer's side. Seeing that she still hadn't overcome the fear of the beetle, Gu Jiaqiang continued to criticize her and told her to continue working hard in the future.

Later, when Xing Feng went back, he found that he was standing in the first place on the column. The companion next to him thought that Gu Jiaqiang deliberately favored her when he saw it. Unexpectedly, Gu Jiaqiang himself came to the scene and told everyone the truth. Only then did they know that Xing Feng's first place was well-deserved.

On the other side, Jian Yaoyang was driving the car to go home, but he happened to meet a middle-aged man who was pestering Du Xiaojie on the road. After that, he immediately got out of the car to help, and even yelled for Du Xiaojie to get in the car. When sitting in the car, Du Xiaojie also took the other party to a strange place, and told him about her tragic experience when she was a child. After the chat, she felt very happy in her heart, and asked Jian Yaoyang to treat herself to delicious food .

On the second day, Qiao took her to her sister and told her that she had found a very good place to live. Baby Qiao thought there was some negative energy when she heard it was so good, and then she couldn't care less and was happy My brother and I packed up our things and prepared to move.

On the other side, Jian Yaoyang's old sister was tossing about the decoration work in the new house. When Xing Feng was in the office, he also found that there was nothing wrong with his report card. He sat there alone and smiled happily. A sneeze, Gu Jiaqiang next to him thought that the other party was sick when he heard the trouble, so he talked to himself, and Xing Feng was also amused by him. She stood up and thanked the officer in front of her for her help from the unknown.

In the evening, Xing Feng also personally cooked a sumptuous dinner for Fang Guoxi, and told the story of how he was stabbed by a prisoner's syringe before, but Fang Guoxi didn't want to continue to spend so much time with his daughter. He also directly proposed to let the other party move out.

On the second day, Baby Qiao moved into the new house under the leadership of his brother, but found that he was living next door to Jian Yaoyang. After that, Baby Qiao and Jian Yaoyang also had conflicts over the toilet. Explain to them about renting a house.

When returning to work, Qiao Baobao kept threatening Jian Yaoyang with the video he had recorded and asked him to help him with housework. When Du Xiaojie went to Jian Yaoyang, he happened to see Qiao Baobao beckoning him.

When Jian Yaoyang went out, he happened to meet Qiao Baobao in a convenience store. They also ran into two gangsters on the side of the road committing crimes in the street. When they chased them, they let the other party run away without a trace.


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