During the day, members of the anti-terrorism special service team were wandering in the street in a car. Everyone was bored and suggested to play brain teasers. As the driver, Qiao Baobao did not forget to test everyone's understanding of the things they saw on the road. As for the relationship between a man and a woman, I didn't expect that she could accurately guess the situation between the other party after just watching for a few seconds, which made the people in the car very admired.

At this time, there was a young woman with pale face and red eyes standing on the street. Her condition was also very strange. She even picked up the cutlery on the table and stabbed the people around her. Everyone panicked and avoided her when they saw her reaction. , The people on the street were also frightened and ran around. After hearing the news, the anti-terrorist special service team rushed to the scene with people and took out their pistols on the spot, but it was of no avail.

The woman continued to scurry up and bite people in the street, and the anti-terrorist personnel had no choice but to take out their pistols to fight back. Unexpectedly, the woman rushed up crazily and pushed a policewoman to the ground with murderous intentions. Soon, Baby Qiao on the other side also They rushed forward and worked together to subdue the gangster on the ground and push them back. At the anti-terrorist intelligence team meeting, Qiao Baobao also told the superiors that she had to fire the shot. After she went out, the chief also discussed with everyone in the audience their views on this matter.

A Shuo on the side felt that the gangster's skills didn't look like they had received martial arts training, and she didn't look like a terrorist. Her behavior was very ferocious and powerful, but she didn't feel the same. She suspected that she was destroyed by drugs or drugs, which caused the nervous system to be shocked. Before he could finish speaking, another person next to him interrupted. He insisted that this incident was caused by accident.

Then, everyone released the video of the incident, and found that the two gangsters seemed to know each other, and they could share drugs. Fang Guoxi, who was next to him, also felt that the murderer took the same drug. A new type of drug, although not circulating in the market, but it is very lethal. According to the performance of the two criminals this time, it is very similar to a case of the anti-terrorist special service team two years ago. After listening to it, Ashuo also agreed with what Fang Guoxi said .

The consequences of being manipulated by terrorists are very serious. In Fang Guoxi's view, the anti-terrorism special service team returned without success two years ago. It took two years for this matter. She also expressed her confidence that she would not let the relevant people run away. This is also the purpose of setting up the Stealth Mission Strategic Force to take precautions and minimize the number of casualties. The commander also firmly believes that the Anti-Terrorism Special Service Team is the best anti-terrorism force, and it is also the strong backing of everyone.

When Jian Yaoyang rushed to the scene, he also asked the other party where Mei Ling had offended, and he was going to apologize to the person in front of him instead of Mei Ling, but Brother Pao sat aside and didn't want to listen to their nonsense, he kept asking desperately Looking at the situation of Hei Zai, Jian Yaoyang felt that he had found the wrong place after hearing it. He wanted to take Mei Ling out of here, but he didn't expect Brother Pao to stand up and stop him without saying a word. After the matter was settled, Mei Ling looked at the She was covered in injuries and felt very guilty, but Jian Yaoyang kept reminding her to pay attention to her own safety.

When Baobao Qiao saw her colleague Qiao Dainan feeling sad because of her leg injury at work, she hurried forward to treat him with food, and soon the test report came out. The deceased in the case is highly consistent. After watching the situation, Qiao took her and ran over to continue busy with her work. Seeing the back of the other party leaving, Qiao Baobao recalled the situation when he broke his leg, and the person who shot the gun was also Jian Yaoyang, since Qiao Dainan's leg was removed, everyone scolded him, but he remained indifferent and did not intend to refute, and took the initiative to bear all the guilt.

After Jian Yaoyang sent Meiling away, he ran into Qiao Baobao in the car. Unexpectedly, Qiao Baobao had the same stinky mouth as always, so he directly took him back with a bracelet for interrogation. After that, two new members, Xing Feng and Zhou Dali, joined the anti-terrorism special police team. The officer expressed warm congratulations to the two new members. After that, he continued to order everyone to work. Qiao Baobao was also very confident challenge accepted.

Mei Ling saw Hei Zai again after returning home, but the other party ignored her and was about to take the money and leave this ghost place. Zai was subdued, and led him to break through the siege, took the elevator and left, but after Qiao Baobao and the others rushed over, they were still one step too late. After getting out of the elevator, the two sides fought fiercely, almost hurting the innocent, Qiao Baobao held up the gun in his hand, and asked Jian Yaoyang to stop, but the other party didn't intend to stop at all.


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