Yunxiang and Shu Yanan saw that there was something wrong with Jishantang, and they secretly investigated and found out the dirty deal of Jia Changan and his wife. It turned out that every month in Jishantang, someone would pick up children, girls were sold as skinny horses, and boys were sold as servants. Shu Yanan thought that since there were people who bought them regularly, it was a regular business. Qi Tianfeng has never touched the population and fireworks business, but he has no choice but to be forced to accept it.

Shu Yanan noticed that Yunxiang was staring at a finger in a daze, and every time he asked, he would cover up or change the subject. Shu Yanan feels that Yunxiang hides too many secrets, and he is no different from Jin Biao, Su Mingyu and others. Even though the Yuntai gate rules do not touch love, hate, and hatred, but if there is no hatred, what is love? significance.

Mo Bufan sent Yunxiang to the outskirts to meet the Yuntai Sect Master, but the Sect Master only heard his voice and did not see him, and blamed him for not obeying his teacher's order to govern Yuezhou, but instead trespassed into Nandu and asked him to return to the mountains to resume his studies. Yunxiang felt that once the heart of the world is broken, it will be difficult to understand what people want, what they love and hate, and how can they talk about benefiting the common people and the community. Therefore, he believes that those who enter Yuntai must have the heart of the world, and not be trapped by the heart of the world. Nandu didn't just want revenge and revenge, but also wanted to fulfill Wen Cong's regret.

It was also because of this that the sect master agreed that Yunxiang would stay in Nandu, and reminded him not to blind his eyes and forget the mission of the sect, not to mention what Qi Tianfeng did was not worth mentioning, the real obstacle was the Nandu Chamber of Commerce. After meeting the sect master, Mo Bufan and Yun Xiang talked by the river, and they had a deeper impression of each other.

On the other side, Shu Yanan disguised himself as a man in black and attacked Kang Qiao. He cut his face with a hidden weapon soaked in poison and was also injured by him on his left shoulder. Fortunately, Kang Qiao brought the antidote in time, and quickly told Mo Bufan about the matter, roughly describing the situation of the man in black. Yun Xiang listened thoughtfully, and Mo Bufan was annoyed that Yun Xiang had brought disaster on him.

That night Tang Xiao came to Lianshengfang with all the mighty people, Ke Menglan personally negotiated, and sent Tianhu to inform Jin Biao to leave quickly. Ke Menglan said that Lianshengfang had just changed owners, and it was not yet open today, so the order to evict customers was issued. Unexpectedly, Tang Xiao threatened Ke Menglan to go back with him, threatening to let her be the top card in the brothel.

Jin Biao likes to gamble but is not good at gambling. He loses to Ke Menglan one after another, loses all his money in a blink of an eye, and owes a total of sixty taels of gold on credit. Just when Jin Biao questioned Su Mingyu's intention of bringing him to the gambling hall, Yunxiang came forward to bet against Ke Menglan, and helped Jin Biao win back the lost silver taels in one round. Afterwards, in order to repay Yun Xiang, Jin Biao was willing to kill people at half the price, and Yun Xiang asked Jin Biao to stay by his side as a bodyguard and pay him every day. Seeing that Lianshengfang was about to be auctioned, Ke Menglan felt very uncomfortable, and worried that the change of owner of the gambling hall would cause the sisters to lose their shelter. Su Mingyu saved up 3,000 taels of silver to participate in the auction of Lianshengfang, claiming that he would never let Ke Menglan be displaced, but he failed to fulfill his promises many times before.

Since Shu Yanan was sent by Yunxiang to ask for debts from the merchants, there was no one around Yunxiang to protect him, Zhang Kui took this opportunity to follow him. Yun Xiang noticed something strange, and hurriedly ignited the firecrackers to resist for a while, and then led them to Mo Bufan's territory. In a critical moment, Mo Bufan and his adopted son Kang Qiao came forward to rescue Zhang Kui and dealt with Zhang Kui neatly, all of which were planned by Yun Xiang. With the help of Shu Yanan, Yunxiang successfully collected the debt settlement certificates of the merchants, and gave her a set of women's clothing to express her gratitude. The next day, the auction of Lianshengfang was held as scheduled. Ke Menglan deliberately planned to meet Su Mingyu by chance, and sent someone to give him clothes as an apology, thus strengthening Su Mingyu's determination to take the auction of Lianshengfang.

Shu Yanan's change of women's clothes made people's eyes shine. Yun Xiang did not hide his astonishment at all, and there were endless praises. As a result, Jin Biao spoiled the atmosphere very much. Afterwards, the three of them came to Lianshengfang, and found that the merchants of all sizes in Nandu City gathered here, and Tang Xiao, the leader of the gambling industry, with his expert guards attracted attention. Qian Rong presided over the auction on his behalf. Before the auction started, Su Mingyu appeared with three thousand silver notes. Originally, Su Mingyu wanted to buy Lianshengfang and keep Ke Menglan, but Tang Xiao was determined to win Lianshengfang. The two sides increased the price all the way, and soon broke the price of 3,000 taels. In desperation, Su Mingyu asked Yunxiang for help, and Yunxiang was willing to lend him one thousand taels at a profit, and directly asked for four thousand taels of silver.


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