As the owner of Lianshengfang changed hands, all the merchants participating in the auction left one after another. Su Mingyu even set up a table in the restaurant to entertain the three knights, thanking them for their righteous actions. Su Mingyu took the initiative to talk about the two master guards beside Tang Xiao, the male is Ah Zhong, and the female is Meizhu. Although their identities are not reliable, there are various signs that they are from Dongying and the extreme north outside the pass.

Because Tang Xiao has a wide network of contacts, even if Ah Zhong committed the murder of several officers and soldiers, he still lived in peace. On the other hand, Meizhu practiced thaumaturgy all the year round, her offensive was domineering and her skills were ghostly. Su Mingyu revealed that she once witnessed her being surrounded by enemies, and she was able to defeat the opponent with dozens of moves.

Su Mingyu talked eloquently and heard that Shu Yanan and Jin Biao were interested, but Yun Xiang seemed to be lacking in interest, until Shu Yanan suddenly asked Su Mingyu what he thought of Qi Tianfeng, and subconsciously glanced at her. Su Mingyu didn't notice any abnormalities at all, and admitted that Qi Tianfeng was indeed superb in martial arts, but he was already suffering from old illnesses and might not be as good as before, so Su Mingyu guaranteed that the three knights would have the protection of the Su family and would never suffer any harm.

But Su Mingyu never imagined that Yunxiang didn't have three thousand taels at all, so he couldn't immediately deliver the contract. According to the rules of the chamber of commerce's auction, you must pay the money and sign the contract within two days, otherwise the auction will be invalidated. Su Mingyu is very anxious, and Yunxiang promises that he can collect three thousand taels of silver in just one day. As soon as these words came out, all three present did not believe it, and Su Mingyu left the meeting angrily.

On the way to Guanghuizhuang, Yun Xiang reminded Shu Yanan not to mention Qi Tianfeng to Su Mingyu again, saying that Tang Xiao was afraid of the prominent status of the Su family, and it would be of greater use in the future. As soon as the words fell, the carriage bumped for a while, causing the two to look at each other closely, and a subtle change occurred in each other's hearts.

Coming to the gate of Guanghuizhuang, Jin Biao made a bet with Yunxiang that if Yunxiang failed to lend three thousand taels this time, there would be no debts between the two of them, and if he succeeded in lending three thousand taels, he would let the other party pay more. Send a few months. Then Yunxiang came to see Mo Bufan, and took out the IOUs from the merchants to borrow three thousand taels, but was rejected. In the end, he promised to borrow one and pay back ten. Not only did he get three thousand taels, but he also won the bet with Jin Biao, allowing him to stay in the Be a bodyguard by your side.

Shu Yanan was surprised when he learned that Yunxiang would have to repay 30,000 taels of silver within a month, but Yunxiang needed Shu Yanan's help on one more matter. At the same time, Kang Qiao really didn't understand Yunxiang's actions. Although Mo Bufan hadn't figured it out yet, he knew that after this incident, he might not be able to be friends in the future.

The restaurant clerk was entrusted by Jin Biao to deliver meals to the children of Jishantang. He vaguely felt that something was wrong. He used the excuse of going to the toilet to investigate the situation in the backyard, and accidentally found that Xiaoyu was tortured by whipping. Just when the man was about to report to the police, Jia Shi quietly appeared behind him, directly stabbed him to death, and discussed with Jia Changan to solve Jin Biao's trouble as soon as possible.

After Su Mingyu got Lianshengfang as she wished, she truthfully confessed to her eldest sister that she really liked Ke Menglan, and would try to help her get rid of her humble status in the future. Although Su Huairou once objected to this marriage, she saw that her younger brother had grown up and was determined, so she was willing to help the two of them. The premise was that Su Mingyu would practice business and take over the Su family's property.

That night, Yunxiang, Su Mingyu and others came to Lianshengfang, and Su Mingyu took this opportunity to talk to Ke Menglanqin. Knowing the disparity in identities, Ke Menglan deliberately distanced herself from Su Mingyu, emphasizing that they are only master-servant relationships. Su Mingyu was frustrated and drank alone in depression. Yunxiang came to the rooftop to talk with him.

Yunxiang advised Su Mingyu to help Ke Menglan get out of the lowly family without relying on the Su family, that is to find Tang Xiao to get through the Lefang relationship, if he believes in himself, he can leave this matter to himself. While talking, Su Mingyu suddenly saw the flames in the distance, and the location was actually the Su family.


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