Guanghui Village is Yuntai's bank in Nandu. Yunxiang visits Mo Bufan, a fellow who is running the bank, through Kang Qiao, firstly to seek care, and secondly to inquire about Wen Cong. Mo Bufan was evasive and didn't want to say too much, Yunxiang had seen Wen Cong's account transactions with Guanghuizhuang, and kept it in his heart. Although Wen Cong and Mo Bufan belonged to Yuntai, they each had their own division of labor. One was in charge of governing the affairs of the Southern Capital for the sect, and the other was responsible for collecting informants and sending letters. After Yunxiang left, Mo Bufan and Kang Qiao discussed this junior who was valued by the sect master.

On this day, Jin Biao came to Jishantang alone to visit the poor children who have been sponsored for a long time. Jia Changan and his wife lied that the children were resting, and then took out the account book and handed it to him for review. Jin Biao was very illiterate and had never doubted the other party. Just as he was about to leave, the girl Xiao Yu deliberately made noises to attract attention. But under the threat of Jia Changan and his wife's eyes, Xiaoyu lowered his head and dared not look at Jin Biao, and did not say a word the whole time. However, just as Jin Biao left, Jia locked Xiaoyu in the woodshed and beat him until Jia Changan came forward to stop him. On the surface, the couple accepted money in the name of helping orphans, but they were actually engaged in human trafficking business. Jia even warned Xiao Yu that if he dared to disobey, he would break his leg.

Since Shu Yanan was sent by Yunxiang to ask for debts from the merchants, there was no one around Yunxiang to protect him, Zhang Kui took this opportunity to follow him. Yun Xiang noticed something strange, and hurriedly ignited the firecrackers to resist for a while, and then led them to Mo Bufan's territory. In a critical moment, Mo Bufan and his adopted son Kang Qiao came forward to rescue Zhang Kui and dealt with Zhang Kui neatly, all of which were planned by Yun Xiang. With the help of Shu Yanan, Yunxiang successfully collected the debt settlement certificates of the merchants, and gave her a set of women's clothing to express her gratitude. The next day, the auction of Lianshengfang was held as scheduled. Ke Menglan deliberately planned to meet Su Mingyu by chance, and sent someone to give him clothes as an apology, thus strengthening Su Mingyu's determination to take the auction of Lianshengfang.

Shu Yanan's change of women's clothes made people's eyes shine. Yun Xiang did not hide his astonishment at all, and there were endless praises. As a result, Jin Biao spoiled the atmosphere very much. Afterwards, the three of them came to Lianshengfang, and found that the merchants of all sizes in Nandu City gathered here, and Tang Xiao, the leader of the gambling industry, with his expert guards attracted attention. Qian Rong presided over the auction on his behalf. Before the auction started, Su Mingyu appeared with three thousand silver notes. Originally, Su Mingyu wanted to buy Lianshengfang and keep Ke Menglan, but Tang Xiao was determined to win Lianshengfang. The two sides increased the price all the way, and soon broke the price of 3,000 taels. In desperation, Su Mingyu asked Yunxiang for help, and Yunxiang was willing to lend him one thousand taels at a profit, and directly asked for four thousand taels of silver.

However, judging from the market conditions, Lianshengfang's increase to 4,000 taels is already a high price, but Tang Xiao was not convinced and raised the price to 4,500 taels. All the merchants present were in an uproar, and the atmosphere of the auction site was heightened to the limit, and the same amount of money was also the limit for Su Mingyu. Yunxiang suddenly proposed to shoot Lianshengfang with Su Mingyu, and finally bid 6,000 taels to become the buyer. The arrogant and domineering Tang Xiao felt that his face was lost, and after bringing expert guards to Yunxiang to exchange names, he unexpectedly left Lianshengfang with the guards. At the same time, the Cao Gang salvaged Zhang Kui's body, the fatal point was the knife wound on his neck.

Qi Tianfeng arranged for his subordinates to bury Zhang Kui generously. He learned from the steward that although Yun Xiang had excellent physical skills, he had never shown any martial arts skills. Because Yunxiang's specific strength has not been discussed yet, Qi Tianfeng sent someone to prepare five thousand taels of silver and send it to the Tang family's gambling hall. Only by completely getting rid of Yunxiang can he feel at ease.


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