Su Mingyu set fire to the military supplies needed by King Fu and fled. King Fu was not surprised when he heard the news. After all, this was Yuntai's usual method. As Su Mingyu's master, Yunxiang naturally taught him everything. His subordinates really couldn't figure out why Yunxiang was so talented that he wanted to take Nangong into captivity. King Fu already knew Yunxiang's intentions, saying that this person kept his name incognito for more than ten years just for revenge.

Originally, King Fu planned to be stationed in Nandu, but now it seems that he wants to find another place, so he can only rely on Master Guan Hai to buy new arms and replenish food and grass. Nangong Fang wakes up knowing that his body is disabled, and refuses to answer the questions Yunxiang asks. Yunxiang makes a plan, meets Queen Guo through Liu Gongquan, and cooperates with her in a play to achieve Fang Nangongfang to find the pirates. The purpose of retreating.

Princess Mingzhu found Liu Gongquan in private, hoping that he would let him go online because of his past love. Although Liu Gongquan had no enmity with Fu Wang, but he was Queen Guo's confidant, and he also thought about the common people in the world, so he did not agree to the request of Princess Mingzhu. In the end, Princess Mingzhu chose family affection between righteousness and family affection. Even though Liu Gongquan tried every means to keep her, she still forced her to return to her father by death.

The Su family has already stood in line with Liu Gongquan, so they naturally become the thorn in the eyes of King Fu, and they will not be allowed to live in this world. King Fu wiped out the incompetent government offices in Nandu, directly closed the city gates of Nandu, and ordered Su Mingyu and Ke Menglan to be arrested. The two were chased and killed by the rebels, and they fled into the downtown area but were still heavily surrounded. Faced with this dangerous situation, they had long since feared life and death.

At the critical moment, Jin Biao appeared with the crowd. It turned out that he was rescued by Shu Yanan when he was dying, and then he lived in seclusion in the mountains to recuperate. Yun Xiang already knew that he planned to conceal the illusion of Jin Biao's death to the outside world, and the kit he gave to Yun Xiang was to find Jin Biao. Su Mingyu was overjoyed and told his subordinates to take Ke Menglan away first, while he stayed to fight the enemy together with Jin Biao. Unexpectedly, Qian Rong also came to help, and easily repelled the rebels.

Everyone and Liu Gongquan gathered in Nandu, Yun Xiang predicted that Ding Nangong Fang would definitely persuade Guan Haizhu to withdraw his troops, because Nan Gongfang had already seen through the drama between him and Queen Guo, and simply resorted to an empty plan. Just as Yunxiang expected, Nangongfang was worried that Yunxiang and Queen Guo would come up with a plan to catch a turtle. Master Guan Hai knew that Nangong Fang would no longer be used by King Fu. If King Fu directly negotiated with Lord Guan Hai, it would be troublesome , so he followed Nangong Fang's advice and decided to withdraw.

Yunxiang went to see King Fu alone, and the two sat opposite each other. King Fu guessed that Yunxiang had a chance to win, and Lord Guan Hai did not form an alliance to send troops. According to Yunxiang's understanding of human nature, he wanted to use this person as a pawn to break the deadlock when he left Nangong to save his life. After hearing Yunxiang's whole plan, King Fu knew that the situation was over, and he was convinced that he lost, feeling that he could Use the strategy so well that it becomes a magic.

In order to ensure that Mingzhu can retreat unscathed, King Fu begged Yunxiang to agree to one condition because of the love between his master and his apprentice. That night, a raging fire ignited in Prince Fu's mansion. Seeing that King Fu was buried in the flames, Yun Xiang notified Jin Biao to rescue Princess Mingzhu. With the removal of the rebellious party, the suppression of the rebellion, and the succession of the young prince to the new emperor, Empress Guo will naturally become the empress dowager, ready to reward those who have made meritorious deeds.

Under Yunxiang's suggestion, Liu Gongquan declined the promotion, and asked for orders to guard the coastal defense and continue to serve the country. Yunxiang did the same. When Empress Guo returned to Beidu, Yunxiang bid farewell to Liu Gongquan. Liu Gongquan understood that he was not in the pool, so he returned Yunxiang to freedom.

Before parting, Yunxiang, Jin Biao and Su Mingyu gathered in Lianshengfang. After going through so many things, they had already formed life-and-death friendship, and even sworn brothers of the opposite sex. Ke Menglan brought Tianhu over, and Tianhu finally wept with joy when he saw that Jin Biao was safe and sound, and the lovers finally got married.

Su Mingyu asked Yunxiang what his plans were for the future. Yunxiang said that there would be no more "Yunxiang" in the rivers and lakes, and he bid farewell to everyone and left Nandu, took Princess Mingzhu across the river by boat, and personally sent her to Liu Gongquan. reunion. At this moment, Shu Yanan was sitting on the top of the hill, holding the hairpin that Yunxiang gave her in his hand, and after a while, he heard familiar footsteps, who was finally waiting for the person she had been thinking about day and night.


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